Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Royal Society Embraces Population Crackpots

Planet Earth. Isn't it beautiful? Earth. A planet on which tigers are a protected species but human beings in the womb are not. Who says there was no Fall?

Still, for all of our crimes and misdemeanours which spring therefrom there is something essentially wonderful about mankind, the pinnacle of all creation. It is just a shame that this view is not held by Royal Society.

I can't quite put my finger on why the Royal Society perturbs me. Perhaps its because there's too many people in it.

No, its not that. Perhaps its because there's too many people in it espousing Hitlerian solutions to the 'thorny' issue of population. Yes, I think that's it, though it has to be said that the population issue appears only to be 'thorny' to those who hate people.

According to the latest BBC report, who report some pretty controversial, highly contentious ideas more or less as articles of faith, they don't exactly say, "It's time for a massive cull of human beings," as if a massive cull of human beings wasn't already well under way, cleverly disguised as abortion and euthanasia by neglect, but you know its what they're thinking.

For instance, one would have thought that the near 200,000 humans beings culled every year in this country alone would satiate a group like the Optimum Population Trust, the patrons and trustees of which have been tasked by the Royal Society with overseeing a study to "shed some light" on world population trends, but, sadly, it appears not. How many more people do the Optimum Population Trust's patrons and trustees want to see culled? An unfathomable number no doubt. According to the article...

'The burgeoning human population is acknowledged as one of the underlying causes of environmental issues such as climate change, deforestation, depletion of water resources and loss of biodiversity.'

The BBC article reads like the awful propaganda that it is, but in a paragraph that would have had Orwell spluttering his tea and scones all over his laptop in apoplectic rage the BBC article uncritically quote Johnathan Porrit who says...

'Policymakers needed such objective studies, he said, in order to make effective choices - for example, deciding whether and how to support family planning policies in the developing world.'
Hang on. I thought throwing condoms at Africa was all about stopping HIV. Clearly, there's another agenda. Stop those blacks breeding!

In the wake of Britain's decline both as an empire and as a manufacturing giant, now that everything is made in China, perhaps abortion is the only thing we can export successfully to the rest of the World before China get there first. It is important to export it to developing babies in the developing world, first, obviously, because they're poor and black and we've always know what's best for them, haven't we?

Anyway, thank God the Royal Society doesn't fool the not at all racist and never have been, Royal Family. They'd never go in for those nasty Nazi ideologies would they? No, sir! Oh, what's this? Oh dear, it looks like Prince Charles is rather keen on this whole 'over-population-something-must-be-done' stuff too...Oh, dear.

'Policy makers need such objective studies..." What a load of total balls! As if these neo-eco-Nazis are going to produce an 'objective study' of world population trends and somehow not conclude that we should all have two children and abort the rest or get a third of the population sterilised! I'm serious, check out their website!

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Patricius said...

Have you noticed how these population obsessives tend to regard other people as surplus and not themselves? Perhaps, for instance, someone should point out to Prince Charles that there are plenty of alternative heirs to the throne!

Mike said...

"The Optimum Population Trust believes that ... the UK's long-term sustainable population level may be lower than 30 million."


The Bones said...

That's a halving of the population!

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