New Movie: Chesterton

The life of GK Chesterton is to be made into a Hollywood motion picture. 'Chesterton: The Movie' is to hit screens in late 2014. We've been given a sneak preview of the script and I think you'll agree that its set to be an action packed adventure which will give Russell Crowe's Noah a run for its money...

Act 1, Part III

GK Chesteron's wife walks into the study while the genius is hard at work at another Father Brown story.

"Would you like a cup of tea, dear?" she says.

"Thank you, that would be lovely," replied Chesterton.

"Any plans for the day, dear?" says his wife.

"Yes, I'm meeting Hilaire for a pint. He's working on an essay and wants to discuss it with me. I was thinking, shall we go to Brighton next weekend?" said Chesterton.
"That would be nice, dear." replied his wife.

Gripping stuff, I think you'll agree. I can't wait!


You couldn't be more wrong...

Breakfast would have been an adventure, a romance, a battle of wits and wills, a nagging Frances, a pestering Frances, a bewildered and incredulous Frances, an adoring and nannying Frances..and the gentle giant genius, absent minded while retrieving heretofore unthought thoughts from the ether of elfland, laughing like a child at something quirkily humourous or ironic he saw in the carpet-pattern, furious at some ideological pornography on page one of the Times, sword fencing with the jampot , spending ages looking for his lost piece of toast only to discover it stuck to his elbow...discussing the neighbours as if their mundane lives were some gigantic epic melodramtic turnpoints from the classics of English literature, feeding the cat kedgeree under the table while quoting Alexander Pope to her with a parental scowl to stay away from nextdoor's ginger tom...decapitating the boiled egg as if it was some infidel sultan who was about to boil a hundred christian martyrs in the teapot...

Chesterton LIVED!!!!
Nothing was unimportant...
All was serious: All was fun.

Learn about the man - and fall in love with him...
The Bones said…
Yes, you're probably right, but that would be a bit 'high brow' for Hollywood!
Bruvver Eccles said…
(Trying again after an error. If this is a duplicate, please delete it.)

OTSOTA, I think that was partly Bones's point. You're not the only one who has read a lot of GKC, you know.

Hollywood would never do justice to the life of GKC: either they'd produce an overtly anti-Catholic film, or simply one that trivialised GKC's life.

The Bones said…
Actually the point I'm making is that Chesterton lived a normal life, a family life, had friendships and worked and wrote for a living. An incredible wit, yes, but day to day life was presumably quite 'run of the mill'.

Ordinary lives don't really work for Hollywood. They only made a film about Wilde because he was saucy with men.

Hollywood couldn't appreciate Chesterton, but also, cannot stand anything that isn't 'blockbuster'.

I mean, they only make movies about JFK because he got shot. If he hadn't got shot?
Anonymous said…
I got your point ...very well Mr. Bones - and I thought you put it charmingly - very witty!

Just thinking of Chesterton makes me smile - a lot!

Elizabeth said…
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