Speak Your Mind # 2

1. Question 9: What other challenges or proposals related to the topics in the above questions do you consider urgent and useful to treat? 

My Lords, there is a grave crisis in the family like that which the world has never seen.

You must, with God's grace and help, dedicate yourselves to defending and upholding the family and marriage upon which the family is based.

You must, with God's grace and help, please dedicate yourselves afresh to evangelising the nation of England on the importance of the family and of marriage, the way in which sin and a lack of vision of God threatens mankind and will cause his unhappiness and downfall, both in this life and the life of the world to come.

You need to preach the truth about sin and how awful it is for a soul who dies in mortal sin - since these souls go to Hell for eternity. Think you, my Lords, that all goes well for the soul who dies in mortal sin?

Open up for us the glorious treasures and mysteries of Heaven! Teach us about the lives of the Saints and of those who are models. Teach us to pray the Rosary, to love the Blessed Sacrament.

Show us the way to salvation and increase our faith.

Uphold the dignity of all human life from conception to natural death and promote the family. Root out, from your ranks and from those who are within your Dioceses all who seek to upend the Church's teachings, those who promote any vision of marriage, sexuality or life which is contrary to the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Do this and more people will take seriously your proclaimed mission to teach and preach the truth about marriage, life and the family.

Only the truth can set us free. We neglect the family at our peril. It is the cell from which a good society forms. Each civilisation that allows the family to fall and gives into the sinful spirit of the age falls into a heap of ruins. Shall we never learn from history?! Do not let yourselves be held accountable by Almighty God for being complicit in the disaster now unfolding before our eyes!

I have no doubt that the Gospel is challenging, but the Lord Jesus said that the road to life was narrow - not broad like the road to perdition. Do you doubt, my Lords, Jesus's own words on marriage and on salvation? Woe to you if you do, for it would be better, said the Lord Jesus, for such men who scandalise the little ones who are faithful, to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied to his neck!

Therefore, steal yourselves, my Lords, for the emnity of the World in proclaiming the Salvation of our God. Proclaim the Gospel and adhere to the Magisterium without fear. The Lord Jesus chose you to teach all nations, not to kowtow to the follies and spiritual laxity and perversions of the truth that afflict the modern age. Expose the lies and deceits of the Evil One! The Truth stands forever, it cannot be destroyed. Proclaim it with all your heart and mind and soul.

Upon you, my Lords, rests not just the salvation of so many souls, but the life and liberty of the Catholic Church in this country and the Faithful in your care!

Be bold and never lose heart.
Christus Vincit, Christus Regnat, Christus Imperat! Tabula delenda est! 



Tim said…
steel yourselves
Lynda said…
People with your faith, commitment to moral truth and duty, insight into the plight of our Church and the world, and ability to articulate what's needed and to lead others to God and His Holy Church ought to be sought out by bishops and priests to help save souls. But no, most of them prefer the corporate, statist, types who have only contempt for the Church.

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