High Praise, Indeed, from President to Pope

In a jaw-dropping statement, the President of Italy thanked the Successor of St Peter, otherwise known as THE POPE, His Holiness Pope Francis, for introducing elements of "doubt" and "uncertainty" in communicating the Catholic faith and applauded His Holiness's reluctance to promote unpopular teachings of the Faith, noting the "absence of all dogmatism"  in the Holy See's "dialogue" with the World.

'Pope Francis made the first state visit of his pontificate today, traveling two miles from Vatican City to Italy’s presidential palace, where he voiced the church’s solidarity with the nation in facing social challenges that included immigration, unemployment and the well-being of families.
Pope Francis said: “There are so many questions on which we share common concerns, and where our responses can converge,” the Pope said in his address to Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, following their private half-hour meeting. “The primary task for the church is to bear witness to God’s mercy and encourage generous responses of solidarity in order to open a future of hope.”
Pope Francis recalled his July visit to the southern Mediterranean island of Lampedusa, a landing point for many immigrants without legal permission to enter Europe.

During that visit, the Pope said, he “witnessed at close range the suffering of those who, owing to war or poverty, set out as emigrants under often desperate conditions,” and “saw the laudable example of solidarity of the many who work generously to welcome them.”
Pope Francis also mentioned his pilgrimages to the island of Sardinia in September and to the city of Assisi in October.

The Pope said that the family lies at the “centre of social hopes and difficulties,” since it is the “primary place where the human being grows and is formed, where one learns values and the examples that render them credible.” Thus, he said, the family deserves to be “appreciated, valued and protected.”'

Read the full Catholic Herald article here.We appear to have a Pope who, far from casting the mighty from their thrones, makes the work and lives of the powerful elite more than comfortable. How eugenic population control advocates like David Rockefeller must be laughing all the way to his banks. His Holiness even mentioned "sustainable development" - a green euphemism for depopulation via the promotion of abortion, sterlisation, abortion and other forms of birth control at one end, and assisted suicide and euthanasia at the other.

And is it just me, or is there something quite artificial about this 'dialogue' with the World. In order to have a constructive dialogue, at some point, Francis surely has to say:

"This is what I/We believe concerning the issue of ________________.

Now you tell me what you believe concerning this issue of _______________.

Interesting. Now, I will explain why I am right on this issue and you can defend your position but all authority has been given to me by the Lord Jesus Christ.  Such has not been given to you."

Unless a true, expressed opinion is made concerning what the Church really believe, there is no dialogue between the Church, but a dialogue about how some day we should really get together for a dialogue. If there is no disagreement, one wonders just how effective this kind of 'dialogue' is.


Lepanto said…
I think that the President has done Catholics a great favour. If the Pope didn't go home knowing that he is making an unfortunate and un-Catholic impression he is making on the world then he wasn't listening. The praise from Obama obviously wasn't enough to do the job. Perhaps Kim Jon-un might do us a favour and pour out his praises.
Lynda said…
Bad. Very bad.
I think this isn´t much worse than the high praise he received from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in April for his promise to help them reach their MDGs.

Ban Ki-moon: Pope Francis a man of peace and purpose
Napolitano, 88, praised the pope's "conception of the church and the faith," which he said had impressed all Italians, "believers and nonbelievers."

Unlike many Catholics, he has realised that this Pope has a special conception of the church and the faith.
Wow.... I means seriously.... wow.
Anonymous said…
No it's not just you Mr. Bones. This dialogue with the World is articifial...in my view....the Pope does not speak...well ...like a POPE!

Besides, this Pope has a way of speaking Italian that is really forced and patronising...practically everything he says sounds fake to my ears... right from that first "buona sera"....I have sensed this and have tried to shake it - but to no avail.

It's like he's acting a part - sorry I said this - truly - but I am not the only one who has picked up on it, many other Italian Catholics have too....

How I would like someone to persuade me that I am wrong - but really convince me that I am totally wrong - as it is a very unhappy thing to think of the Vicar of Christ in this way - I want to be able to count on him to confirm me in the faith ....but alas, this is not happening...not yet...

May Our Lord help us and illuminate us, as this Holy Father seems to be undoing the papacy itself....

Daniel O'Connor said…
Herod loved hearing John the Baptist also.

Have Faith. God is at work.
Lynda said…
One can refuse to cooperate with God.
Kristin LA said…
The bad news: This exchange of plaudits was horrific.
The good news: In his homilies the Pope does not talk like that. A recent one on adolescent progressivism was very good. He condemned secularism, worldliness, apostasy. When you feel like you're losing hope, go read his homilies.

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