The Theology of the Pottery Chalice When Applied to Church Architecture

Cheap, functional, humble, simple, in keeping with the poor, humble, simple Nazarene, with no need for flying buttresses. Honestly. Flying buttresses! Whatever were they thinking?! Would the humble, simple, poor Nazarene recognise such extravagance?!

I've been having a debate about  the evil pottery chalice on Facebook. In order to join it you'll have to go to my Facebook page. By all means offer your thoughts.

Flying buttresses: Why ever did they bother when a simple warehouse would have sufficed?

Meanwhile there is a BBC report that the Pope has put me on display in Rome. Don't worry, readers, Deo volente, I am safe and well here in Brighton, Deo gratias!


Anonymous said…
Glad that you haven't been put on public display on Rome Laurence. Heavens!- you could end up stuck hrough with arrows like your heavenly patron!
The Bones said…
I think you are thinking of St Sebastian. Lawrence was grilled.

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