Friday, 24 February 2012


I've had a very kind email from a Priest asking if I would accept a donation for my blogging efforts.

Someone else left a comment on a blogpost asking if I accept donations from people who appreciate my work.

So just in case anyone out there is wondering whether I would accept kind donations from readers, the answer is...yes, I would!

If you would like to donate then email me at and I'll let you know my address.

1 comment:

Lynda said...

I just now happened to notice this post. You should put up a permanent and prominent heading on your home page on how readers can donate. You should make it as easy as possible for people, including credit AND debit cards (some of us don't have the former). You could have a direct debit facility too. It would make it more likely to get donations, especially from those in other countries, and those who don't have cheque books. You really ought to be able to get enough to live on from all your great work. Long may you continue at it!

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