Tuesday, 21 February 2012

You Can't Make An Omelette Without Breaking a Few Eggs

From Dystopia...

In one sense you could say the social experiment of liberalism lacks vision, since tearing down the structures that bind society, such as family and natural marriage is borne out of the desire to see new personal freedoms glorified. For most liberals, I suspect this is the case. A lot of liberals just ‘go along’ with the liberal social project because it meets their personal desires. However, there are some liberals for whom the destruction of the old order is imperative because they have a vision of a new society and as every historian will tell you, you cannot build a new society unless you first destroy the old one.

There must be some liberals who have a vision of a new society, you see, because new laws are seldom created for no reason whatsoever. Less seldom are they made because its citizens want them. Sad as it is, that simply is not how democracy works. People in power make new laws because they know that this will have some kind of an impact on society. Every politician wants to ‘make a difference’ to society. If they didn’t want to do that then they would not bother to even enter Parliament. William Wilberforce, obviously, wanted to ‘make a difference’ to society and so he did. He had a vision. He helped to end slavery. Lord Steele wanted to ‘make a difference’ to society and so he did. He had a vision. He helped to introduce abortion in the United Kingdom.

And what a marvellous success abortion has been. Well, for some. It has not been a huge success for women and it has not been a huge success for children. It has not been a huge success for society. It has, however, been a huge success for abortion providers. Can you think of anyone else that abortion has been a huge success? I certainly can. The State. Remember that abortion did not come from society itself, but from Government. Like most controversial votes in Parliament, it was not put to a national referendum. You may well protest; “No, that is preposterous. Government does not like abortion. Surely, it sees it merely in terms of a necessary evil in response to those ‘unwanted pregnancies’ and besides which women were campaigning for ‘choice’ and women were dying in backstreet abortions and so something ‘had to be done’ to make it legal.

All that is true and yet, somehow, it misses the mark of why the Abortion Act was introduced. The real reason abortion was introduced into the United Kingdom was the same reason that the contraceptive pill was made available to all British women in the same year - because the State believed that there was a population problem. “No, no, that is impossible,” you may protest, “It was because women wanted choice”. No. Some women wanted ‘choice’, but the State wanted fewer babies being born. Both the pill and abortion are tools of the State to control population. You don’t believe me? Well, I’m sorry but this is simply not rocket science and it is certainly not conspiracy theory. If you make available abortion and artificial contraception to a country then fewer babies will be born. That is just the fact of the matter. Unless you did not want fewer babies to be born, then you would not have introduced it no matter whether your people asked for it or not. And today, if nearly every woman in your country is on artificial contraception and you are averaging 200,000 dead fetuses a year and you do nothing about it, as a State, then I would suggest that either State has decided to go to sleep on the issue, or to look the other way or the State is content to see it happen.

Still unsure? Well, let us turn our eyes to a country now infamous for forced abortion, forced sterilization and, we can safely assume, forced artificial contraception, in as much as it can be forced. That country is, of course, China. Over in China, there were no street protests from women campaigning for rights, since campaigns for rights in China, as we know, tend to be rather short-lived and if women died in childbirth the Government would not give it much of a second thought. There is, in China, a ‘One Child Policy’ and nearly the whole world knows that in large parts of the country, a second child can be forcibly aborted by the State against the wishes of parents. So, why does this ‘One Child Policy’, wreaking social and demographic havoc across the land exist? The answer is, simply, population control.

You still don’t believe me? Okay, well then let us examine the case of Africa. There has been little in terms of documented evidence of a wellspring of women in the continent marching on the streets, demanding abortion from their Governments. Yet, Governments feel entitled to give this service to their people. Though, to be more precise, a great deal of international pressure has been and is being brought to bear on those countries who did not or do not yet have abortion, to introduce it. The UN is constantly seeking to encourage, to put it very mildly, African states to accept abortion. Yes. In Africa, the drive for abortion is not coming from people on the ground, nor necessarily from the Governments, but from interests which are totally external, one of which is the International Fund Planned Parenthood. African women have not asked for abortion, but they have been given it. Advocates of ‘choice’ would argue that African women should have a ‘choice’, but it is still true to say that, as far as I am aware, African women have not risen up to demand their choice and assert their ‘reproductive rights’. No, the ‘reproductive rights’ of African women have been brought to them from the West and by the West. How kind and noble it is of the West to help Africa to destroy its young. Anyone would have thought the West had an interest in enslaving Africa or something.

You still don’t think abortion is about population? Okay, well then let’s examine another country, but this time one which has recently decided to go the other way. Russia. In Russia, it is reported that: (http://en.ria.ru/society/20120214/171313105.html)

‘The Russian Health Ministry has cut the list of social grounds that allow women to have a free abortion, which leaves sexual assault as the only excuse for women to abort their pregnancy. The 2010 census showed that Russia’s population dropped from 145 million in 2002 to under 143 million, with the death rate continuing to exceed the birth rate despite government efforts to encourage Russians to have more children. The parliament may soon pass a new anti-abortion bill that could limit access to abortion services and toughen criminal punishment for doctors who carry out illegal abortions.’

How very pragmatic of the Russian government. Russia is not tightening restrictions on abortion because the government has suddenly discovered its conscience. Nor has the government decided that feminism is balderdash and had a re-think on the woman’s ‘right to choose’. It has merely realized that population has dropped too low and needs to be raised and tightening restriction on abortion is the way to do it and what the State giveth, the State taketh away. Don't worry, all you feminists out there, once Russia decides that the population is getting too high again, the State will simply make abortion more available again.

Let us ask the question, then, why was the Abortion Act (1967) introduced? To understand why the Abortion Act was introduced in 1967, we have to understand the ‘swinging sixties’ in which it emerged from Parliament. As we know, the sixties was the period in which the sexual revolution took place in the United Kingdom. The word ‘revolution’ suggests something violent that takes place that sweeps away an existing order. So, what was swept away? The answer is morality, or, to be more precise, objective moral order according to the natural law. What replaced it? Well, moral anarchy, of course. And with moral anarchy, what else was swept away? The answer is: the institutions of marriage and the family. “Ah!”, you will say, “But the State had nothing to do with the sexual revolution in Britain because this was a youthful movement of swingers and proponents of free love”. To which I can only ask, “Oh. Really?’

Have you ever considered that the sexual revolution would have been impossible had it not been for the mass media and television in particular? Remember that back in the 1960s, the Facebook site that helped lots of young adults to run rampage over London and other cities were just glints in the eyes of their future inventors. There was no internet in those days and without ‘sound and vision’ the sexual revolution would not have taken place. And who brought you the ‘sound and vision’ of the ‘swinging’ 60s and sexual revolution? Why, the BBC of course. What is the BBC an arm of? The State. We know the BBC is an arm of the State because we have to pay a tax to watch it. And do you know what the BBC is for? The BBC is the instrument by which the State’s propaganda is to be disseminated among the population. After all, it was the BBC who brought you The Beatles and it was the BBC who covered the sexual revolution. If the State had thought the goings on all a little ‘risque’ for the British public and had thought that the explosion of sexual energy brought about by the rock and pop bands of the time a danger to modesty then surely this arm of the State would have thought better of encouraging the youth to ‘rebel’.

It is the BBC that was created with a remit to 'inform, educate and entertain'. The BBC was the instrument used by the State to break down the sexual taboos held by the overwhelming majority of British people at the time and what is more the BBC has been used to socially engineer British society and steer it through various cultural revolutions. Through music, comedy, soaps, current affairs, documentaries, films and the vast array of channels open to the broadcaster, the BBC has steered Britain through, as well, the acceptance of homosexuality, abortion, sex outside of marriage and a host of sexually related subjects. Mary Whitehouse, alongside Lord Longford, was constantly berating the BBC to stop breaking down the sexual taboos of the United Kingdom, for which she was, quite naturally, pilloried, ridiculed and mocked by the BBC.  Now, of course, it is preparing the country for gay marriage which will be a veritable media coup d’etat, if you’ll excuse the phrase.

The question is, why would the State want to cause sexual anarchy, abortion, contraception, break down the institutions of the family and marriage and, into the bargain, erode and dismantle the Christian heritage of a country? The answer to that, of course, depends entirely on who is running the State and what the State wants from you. It just so happens that, perhaps naturally, the reason the State wants to smash the institution of the family, for example, is because the State wants you to be its loyal and obedient sons and daughters, not those of your mothers and fathers and most certainly not those of God because the simple truth is that if you are obedient to God then you are much, much more difficult to control.

Why was the Abortion Act introduced? As a tool of societal and in particular, population control. Of course, it is a free country, supposedly, and you can think differently. You can think its because the State recognised 'women's rights'. You can think it is because the State cared for women. But that is just what the State wants you to believe. The fact that loads of people now believe what the State wants people to believe is hardly surprising. It's called propaganda. The Abortion Act would not have made any sense without the sexual revolution that built up to it, because in order to sell to the people the concept of abortion, the State had to get the kids loosing their inhibitions and fornicating more first, so that the State could close down the 'backstreet' abortionist and move the doctors from the backstreet clinics, to the legal abortion clinics. What? You don't actually think the doctors working in backstreet abortion clinics just packed up, shut up shop and went back home unemployed do you? Heaven forbid! Why let such talent go to waste!

Before the 1960s, if a young man made a young woman pregnant, society expected him to marry her. After the 1960s, if a young man made a young woman pregnant, society expected him to tell her to have an abortion, or for her to think of doing so herself. The sexual revolution had to happen in the United Kingdom so that population could be something manageable by the State through artificial contraception and abortion.  If the sexual revolution had not occurred then the institution of marriage would have remained intact and people would have large families like they did in the 'bad old days'. That is called social engineering and that is what the State does best and the drive for 'gay marriage' is just the most recent example.


Johannes Faber said...



Tour de force Laurence

Major Calamity said...

What a very strange view of the world we live in. I suppose Brighton is a pretty odd sort of town but even so. I am proud to be a liberal for it conveys nothing but positiveness and openess. There is no connection between being liberal and being immoral, despite what the regressives try to suggest.
You are obviously a young man with unusual views. I was a teenager in the 60s and what you describe is just what you have read. The "swinging 60s" was a myth for almost everyone but a small group. I was in an early rock band and the nearest we got to being wild was drinking some beer before we were 18. Wow!
You are entitled to your view but thankfully it is restricted to just a small number of those who want to take us back to the "good old days". I was there. They weren't.

Lynda said...

Your readership is indebted to you for your informative, educational and passionate articles. Please don't stop! Do you accept donations towards your living expenses?

James said...

Yeah, got to say, I grew up in Crosby during the late 50s/early 60s and it was nothing like this. The local priest was an absolute figure of authority (and, it turns out, a child molester that no one dared to question). My mother was habitually mistreated by my father but, because it wasn't 'the done thing' to question the husband's authority, he got away with it. I am rather pleased my two daughters are not growing up in the world I did, I would hate for them to have to go through the misery and cruelty of that time.

Tonia Marshall said...

I think it all has more to do with keeping women in the workplace than population control. Having every adult working has been good for western economies. Not so good for local communities and children.

epsilon said...

I was born in 1950 in Ireland. I never met or heard of a molesting priest, my father was a very gentle man, the women in my family were very strong and very vocal. We had no television until the mid-sixties, we had no fridge, or no telephone, we were well fed and well clothed and well educated. We did have a car in the 60s and went to the seaside every Sunday afternoon in the Summer, played football - often the whole extended family - and had tins of sandwiches and cake and made tea on the beach, and took films of it all with a movie camera that our auntie brought home from Canada. That was how terrible our life was!

The nuns at school brought in a lady doctor and a priest to give us a couple of hours of sex education. It consisted of telling us mainly to never French kiss because that would arouse our passions. What simple, sound advice! And how inexpensive - no STDs, very few pregnancies before marriage, no abortions, no emotionally fV&£ up teenagers. Now with all the wonderful free lifestyles we never stop hearing about young men committing suicide on a daily basis, drug warfare on the streets, relationships breaking up, immoral, greedy politicians bringing the country to its knees, but nobody is praying because the only problem Ireland has is the Catholic Church evidently...

Laurence - you are spot on - these other commentors are comatose or just in denial!

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