Saturday, 4 February 2012

God, in Your Mercy...

We implore Thee to inspire Your Archbishop and the Archdiocese of Westminster's clergy to put an end to the Soho Masses. God, in Your Mercy, hear our prayer.

I've written reams and even written songs about the grave scandal and utter spiritual travesty that is the Soho Masses. The worst thing about it is that it is opportunity for catechesis and evangelisation wasted.  You would think that if the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church were going to provide a Mass for people with same-sex attraction, in this era in which homosexuality is so actively promoted, that the above video is the very last thing it would look like. Yet, there it is.

Never have I seen a Mass hijacked for an altogether different agenda than the promotion of the Faith or the good of the whole World than the evidence of the Mass above. There are so many depressing things about it, but one of the most depressing is that the Mass has been turned into a social gathering with a bit of spirituality added in.

No, that isn't the most depressing thing. The most depressing thing is that they are the most introspective bidding prayers I have ever heard. It is a community turned in on itself. And then, to cap it all off, a roll call is read of the poor men who have died from Aids, we guess from within their own community! I know that the Church saves souls, not bodies, but if there is any hint, any hint at all, in that video that the Catholic Church promotes chastity for homosexual men, those Aids victim bidding prayers are that advertisement. What about the people of the parish who weren't gay, lesbian or who didn't die of Aids?! Do they not get prayed for by the LGBT community? Does God only care about gay people or something?

I would not like to be in Archbishop Vincent Nichols's shoes right now because I have a feeling that video is about to go viral and in Rome too. Pray that His Grace will have the courage to end his unswerving loyalty to this organisation of dissidents who seduce men, women and people in between to believe that a change in Church teaching signifying God's desire to drape the Church and the World in one big heavenly rainbow flag is just over the horizon while encouraging them to believe and behave as if He has already done so!

Pray that His Grace will divert his Apostolic authority and support to Encourage, who are in need of Apostolic support. Last I heard, they were looking around desperately for chaplains. Sadly, their website ( seems to be down at the moment. A convincing manifesto to combat 'gay marriage' this video is not, Your Grace.

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Tonia Marshall said...

I found this really shocking, a celebration of diverse sexuality with no mention of asking God for help to resist temptation.

We know there are many couples in the Church who use contraception but we don't hold a special Mass for them and thank God for BPAS.

Hannah said...

I wrote to the congregation of the faith about this .. lets see that happens "looks doubtful"

Lynda said...

Thank you very much for your continuing witness. The disservice being done to people attending these events and others who are taken in by the lies promulgated there, is terrible. It is callous in the extreme to treat people in this way and lead them into serious sin. It is the leaders of the Church that are allowing this gross dishonesty to continue that are most culpable, as they are putting many souls in danger, instead of helping to save them. To assist another to sin is to show them them contempt and disregard their good; to help people stop sinning, by telling them the truth, is to truly love them. Shame on those responsible - they need our prayers.

Battista said...

I heard that the gentleman in lady's clothing was awaiting 'gender reassignment' surgery... Where? Apparently THE place for such sex-change ops is the 'Catholic' hospital of St John and St Elisabeth in archdiocese of Westminster.

Raymond said...

The egocentric , self-centered bidding prayers were perverse.The man pretending to be a woman and deluding himself in the process - is this TRUTH ? Mention the Emperor's New Cloths so-called 'sex-change' on the Guardian's comments pages - that there is no such thing as transexuals and that changing one's sex is a delusion and the censor comes out (complaints from a bloke pretending to be a woman ).Funny how the anti-religion brigade talk about genital mutilation but never mention the state sponsored 'ops' paid for by the taxman!

What next a Mass celebrating fraudsters, child traffickers , adulterers ? Maybe the English could get cardinal O'Brien to take over from Nichols - he wouldn't put up with such nonsense .

Anonymous said...

The wickedness of it. +Vin likes to present himself as 'hard' but the truth is he is yellow through and through. More worringly there's a trend here. He twists the meaning of 'parent govenor' in the Cardinal Vaughan saga and then sidesteps the CP problem by ensuring there's a get out clause so he can claim black is white and white is black. I wonder how he'll talk himself out of this one (sorry bs his way out of this one). He'll have no credibility left if he continues like this. Time for another riposte from CV?


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