Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Obama Song

That was the cry way back in that Summer
Back in those heady days of late 2008
The applause, accolades and the drama
Promising a new dawn, an era of hope and change
But O, bummer
Looks like this President is just another
Stooge for corporate interests in the USA
Came out from nowhere democratic frontrunner
And was elected President with a Catholic-backed mandate

His bid was funded by Planned Parenthood and so-ah
He knows 2012 is their payback date
Is he a Chrsitian or not, well we’re not a-sure-ah?
What kind of Christian supports killing the unborn babes?
He’s a rather smooth operater
Surrounded his administration with ‘Catholic’ aides
Pelosi, Biden and Sebelius are-a-
Selling their immortal Souls for their Presdient’s sake!

So, Oh-bama?
You gonna vote for him this coming summer?
He hasn’t even closed George Bush’s Guantanamo Bay
Wasn’t your country built by your founding fathers?
Are you really going to flush your constitution down the drain?
The land of-a
The free
Well not for much longer
Not for the Catholic Church at any rate!

Well, just remember
If your President is now a dictator
Remember our experience across the pond with Henry VIII
Just remember
When your emperor thinks he’s bigger than Jesus
It’s not your conscience that he wants you to obey

If you let this happen
To the Catholic Church
Then brothers and sisters
It’s your freedom and your conscience as well that is at stake

So this coming Summer
Vote for someone who believes in your Constitution
Don’t throw it, don’t throw it, don’t throw it, don’t throw it away

Vote for someone who actually believes in your Constitution
Don’t throw it, don’t throw it, don’t throw, your vote away


Delia said...

Brilliant – hope you go global!

A Catholic Comes Home said...

Tagged you in Mac's meme.


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