Friday, 24 February 2012

Calthorpe Clinic is at the Heart of the Sex-Selective Abortions Scandal

Pro-life demonstrators outside the Calthorpe Clinic in Edgbaston, Birmingham
Abortion is a scandal and a nationwide one at that. National concern has now been raised, at ministerial levels, and abortion has been again placed back into the spotlight in the light of The Telegraph's investigation into sex-selective abortions taking place at clinics in the United Kingdom.

For years, over 40 years in fact, Britain's rather loose pro-life coalition has been saying that eugenic abortion would be the end result of the liberalisation of abortion law in the United Kingdom, to howls of derision from pro-abortion lobbyists who supposedly convinced parliamentarians that all such fears were grounded in suspicion and paranoia. Now, finally, the idea that these fears were grounded in paranoia can be put safely to bed. The Calthorpe Clinic in Edgbaston, Birmingham, now finds itself at the heart of the sex-selective abortion revelations exposed by The Telegraph.  How ironic that this should be the case. Historically, the Calthorpe Clinic has always been at the forefront of the abortion propaganda driving Government policy since the late 1960s to the present day. Yet, the idea that the Calthorpe Clinic should be mentioned in an investigation uncovering explicitly eugenic abortion should surprise absolutely nobody. After all, one of the founders of the Calthorpe was, in 1965 and 1977, a fellow of the British Eugenics Society.

In December 2009, I wrote a piece for this blog which can be read here about the history of the clinic and, in particular about the founder of the clinic itself.  I happened to learn about the clinic's history when reading through the list of the membership of the British Eugenics Society, which has, since 1990, been known as The Galton Institute. Interestingly, in 1990, The Galton Institute stopped publishing its membership list. The founder of the Calthorpe clinic was one Dr Martin John Cole, a man named in the roll of dishonour in the membership list of the British Eugenics Society and accredited as a co-founder of the Calthorpe 'Nursing Home'.

The reason I mention this is because the biography of Dr Martin John Cole really does serve us with an example of the breathtaking and wicked opportunism that certain individuals have demonstrated in serving their own interests in the abortion field, while reminding us of the utter dependence of abortion facilities on facilitating a sexually active young population and successively promiscuous generations of youth society. It also reminds us that a great many of those working to advance abortion in the country have a background in the eugenic movement of the United Kingdom, which will come as no surprise to those who know of the eugenic background of Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes of the organisation which now bears her name.

First, let's talk about Dr Martin John Cole and the Calthorpe Clinic. The website, Eugenics Watch, tells us that...
'In 1989 the Institute for Sex Education and Research Ltd. owned the stock of the Calthorpe Ltd. abortion facility (Birmingham) in the form of preferred stock. This means that the Institute received a fixed sum from the Calthorpe before profits were calculated. The amount has been 115,000 British pounds annually since 1973. Thus Martin Cole and his ideas have been financed by the Calthorpe, since he controls the Institute. Cole has supported promiscuity for teenagers and prostitution as a medical service. These ideas, in turn, support him since they lead to abortions at the Calthorpe.'
Dr Cole was at the forefront of the campaign for liberalised abortion law in the United Kingdom in the run up to the Abortion Act 1967.  The Eugenics Watch site informs us that Dr Cole was on the Executive Committee of the Abortion Law Reform Association, was a Company Director for Brook Advisory Service as well as a founding member of Brook's services in Birmingham. He was also the founder of the Birmingham Pregnancy Advice Service and the Founder and Director of the Institute for Sex Education and Research, in which he excelled as a renowned 'sexologist'.

The Calthorpe Clinic, Birmingham
While the Head of the Care Quality Commission, who is also responsible for the oversight of Care Homes and Hospitals, Cynthia Bowyer, has resigned from her position, presumably finding it mysteriously untenable, Dr Martin John Cole is still, according to the Care Quality Commission, responsible for the Calthorpe Clinic now disgraced in the light of The Telegraph's revelations. This fact, mysteriously, has yet to be reported by the national Press even though the scandal has resulted in the resignation of the Head of the Care Quality Commission.

Futhermore, just to highlight the huge interest that the abortion industry has in titilating and grooming children who will be their future customers, it is worth reading Dr Martin Cole's personal bibliography. It serves to remind us just how the sex education lobby and the abortion lobby (often they are two sides of the same coin) are working in tandem to create generations of children who will, rather than settle down in a monogamous relationship in marriage for children, become sexually promiscuous and loyal customers of abortion facilities.

The Eugenics Watch website informs us of , "Growing Up", a sex education video which, in 1992, was still distributed by Martin Cole Publications and The Institute of Sex Education and Research. Wikipedia tells us that this sex education video attracted criticism from Lord Longford, Mary Whitehouse and Margaret Thatcher. The 23 minute film was so sexually explicit that it was banned from being shown to children by the end of 1971.  But that's not all. Psychology Today, while discussing 'surrogate partner therapy' for reluctant virgins (I kid you not) mentions Dr Martin Cole as a pioneer in the field. I quote:
'It began in 1966, when British sexologist Martin John Cole, Ph.D. introduced "sex surrogates," sexologically trained women, into sex therapy with men - and was attacked for running a brothel.'
Bizarre. The website, Director Check, informs us, as does the Care Quality Commission, that Dr Martin Cole is still Director of the Calthorpe Clinic Limited and of Martin Cole Limited while the Institute for Sex Education and Research has been dissolved. In other words, the man who started up both an Institute for Sex Education aimed at the opportunistic corruption of the innocence of Britain's youth in Birmingham and beyond, and the Calthorpe Clinic, is still a financial beneficiary of the services availed by the clinic to those seeking abortion, and now, it seems, even sex-selective eugenic abortion. All this appears to be true and yet, surprisingly, in all that I have read of The Telegraph's excellent investigative work, the name of Dr Martin John Cole has not appeared once. It is, I think you will agree, about time that it did!

It should not surprise us, either, that the man who now stands at the precipice of having his Calthorpe Clinic investigated by the Police for criminal abortions, who was, as we know, for a time at least, a leading luminary of the British Eugenics Society and who deliberately produced explicit sex education material for children and teenagers in order to attract them towards his abortion services, has been also working in the field of genetics at a British University - Aston University - to be precise.

Yet this man retains a healthy level of public respectablility that could only be possible in 21st century Britain.  Dr Martin John Cole is quoted in The Birmingham Post in 2007, defending 40 years of liberalised abortion law in the United Kingdom. What does he has to say for himself? According to The Birmingham Post, 'Dr Cole's Calthorpe Clinic in Arthur Road, Edgbaston, is still dealing with up to 10,000 abortions a year - and the numbers keep creeping up slowly.' Dr Cole says...
"It sounds trite, but we're responding to a need," says 76-year-old Dr Cole, who chaired Birmingham's branch of the Abortion Law Reform Association when he arrived in the city from Nigeria in the mid-1960s. "No woman is ever forced to have an abortion. I believe that for some women an abortion is a traumatic rite of passage which forces them to grow up."
He says: "We try to understand why women find themselves in this predicament. A few years ago we asked every woman who came to the Calthorpe which method of contraception they were using at the time they believed they had conceived. Much to our surprise, the results were that roughly 40 per cent said they weren't using any contraception at all. A further 40 per cent claimed to have been using a condom which had either come off or burst. A further 15 per cent said they were on the Pill. From this information there is little doubt that whether the pregnancy resulted in patient failure or method failure, there is an urgent need for a revolution in contraceptive technology. Back in the 1960s it was illegal for "unmarrieds" to have access to any contraception."
The genius of those leading the abortion industry in Britain is in convincing the population that abortionists are inconsolable when another customer walks through the door. You have to remember that this is their livelihoods and they do very well, financially, out of abortion. The Birmingham Post article continues...

'As the 40th anniversary of the Abortion Act dawns, Dr Cole expects to witness further demonstrations outside his Edgbaston clinic, which he opened with Dr Philip Cauthery in late 1969. As for the future, he sees the use of early medical abortions as a hopeful trend and he stresses the need for eternal vigilance to prevent any retrograde change to the Act.

He feels the next step would be to make abortion on demand available up to ten weeks as it is in some European countries. "Whatever happens, and at all costs, the woman's right to remain pregnant or not must always remain paramount," he adds.'

Did you hear that? "Whatever happens, and at all costs, the woman's right to remain pregnant or not must always remain paramount." Why? Because at all costs, the diabolical industry of abortion brings money to men like Dr Cole and ideologically, even eugenic abortions aimed at the female gender in particular, are to be welcomed, because every abortion is ideologically defensible. With someone defending abortion so stridently as that and with the background he has, nobody in the United Kingdom should be surprised that Dr Cole's Calthorpe Clinic is prepared to carry out explictly eugenic abortions.

Isn't it just so surprising that a man who has been a leading luminary in the British Eugenics Society, who has delivered explicit sex education to teenagers and whose pockets must be literally bursting with blood money from abortions, was at the forefront of the liberalisation of abortion laws in the United Kingdom and continues to make fortunes out of the misery of abortion, even directly eugenic abortion, and as recently as 2007 was happily lecturing in genetics at Aston University. Now that's what I call a dark horse. So dark, indeed, that The Telegraph has omitted to even mention his name in their otherwise excellent investigations. He isn't the only person working in the abortion industry with a background in the Eugenics Society - trawl through the Eugenics Watch A-Z and you'll find plenty more catalogued. It is, however, about time Dr Martin John  received some more publicity, don't you think? I'll be writing more about the eugenic direction that the United Kingdom is taking, with the blessing of the State, more during the week. Watch this space...


Tonia Marshall said...

The book Sexual Sabotage by Dr Judith Reisman gives a history of sexology that shows its links to eugenics, planned parenthood and porn. Have a look at it on Amazon (Dr Reisman also has a website) and if you're interested in reading it, set up a Wishlist and I'll send you a copy!

Lynda said...

I presume you have made your dossier on Mr Cole available to The Telegraph and other journalistic outlets?

The Bones said...

I have contacted The Telegraph on the matter, yes.

georgem said...

Now this is what I call investigative journalism. Very impressive. The exposé and its ramifications very frightening indeed.

pelerin said...

Things seem to be moving so fast in this area and all the wrong way.

I have just read that there is an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics (signed by an Australian and an Italian I believe) which pleads for allowing post-natal abortions. This of course is still regarded as infanticide - but for how much longer? Where will it stop?

pelerin said...

I should add that the two signatories to the article mentioned are University researchers in bio-ethics. Quite frightening.

Anonymous said...

Hi, does anyone know where his first wife Sue Cole and his two boys are?

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