Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Z Effect?

Now, the great Father Z has encouraged his substantial readership to vote. Prayer can move mountains but blogs can move percentages.

Latest voting results say:

Yes: 56.59%
No: 43.41%

Vote HERE... 
Yes: 57.95%
No: 42.05%

Yes: 59.94%
No: 40.06%

I'm noticing a trend developing here!

Yes: 61.79%
No: 38.21%


A Catholic Comes Home said...

HaHa.The "z" effect indeed.Kudos to you too!

Patricius said...

Nah.... It's the Bones' effect!

pelerin said...

Yep - the Z effect indeed helped by other bloggers who have pointed to the poll. It's now 63.6 Yes and 36.4 No. They must be wondering what's happening at the DT.

Other polls have had similar results once Fr Z readers are informed. However as someone has already pointed out, the results before Fr Z readers voted unfortunately reflect the views of the average reader.

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