Is this an old joke?

A Jesuit and a Franciscan are sitting together on a train.

The Jesuit pulls out a cake and cuts it in two, one large piece and one small piece.

The Jesuit eats the large piece. The Franciscan eats the small piece and then says, "That was a bit rude."

The Jesuit says, "Why?"

The Franciscan says, "Because you took the large piece."

The Jesuit responds, "Well, if I hadn't taken the large piece, which piece would you have taken."

The Franciscan responded, "The small piece."

The Jesuit says, "Well, I don't you what you're complaining about. After all, you got the bit you wanted."


Very old..a Jesuit actually sharing rather than sequestrating the cake for the people's revolution?!!
Veritas said…
A very old joke - but a good one all the same.

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