Friday, 17 February 2012

Trevor Phillips: "Hand Over Your Conscience"

Trevor Phillips, the head of the public watchdog charged with a solemn duty to ensure that nobody is even thinking something which could be interpreted as racist, homophobic or offensive to anyone but religious people, has issued an announcement from on high.

The next time you go to Church, do not be surprised if, at the end of Mass, you hear, over a tannoy, the voice of Trev, asking politely that you remember to take with you your umbrella, but to ensure that you leave your faith in the Church porch, to be picked up, and left again, the following week.

Much has been said in the US concerning President Barack Obama's 'conscience grab' with regard to his 'contraception mandate'. It has caused uproar, and not only in Catholic circles, but presumably among circles of people who don't even have that much goodwill for the Catholic Church - this is because they recognise the Obama mandate to be a Government attack on freedom of conscience and liberty itself.

Today, the head of the Human (except religious) Rights and Equalities Commission has politely informed all those of a religious orientation that 'religious rules' should end “at the door of the temple” and give way to the “public law” laid down by Parliament. The Telegraph reports that...

'Speaking at a debate in London on diverse societies, Mr Phillips backed the new laws, which led to the closure of all Catholic adoption agencies in England. “You can’t say because we decide we’re different then we need a different set of laws,” he said, in comments reported by The Tablet, the Catholic newspaper.'

Because Parliament is, as we know, God really! The ideology of 'Equalities' is so pathological, it seems, that even when bad things happen, like adoption agencies close, its still good news for society because 'equality won the day'. Evidence, if it were needed, that the ideology is not grounded in human reason but something else altogether. It's a bit like me saying, 'Well, I managed to get my mother to her doctors appointment for 5.10p.m, but in my haste, I ran down several people. They might be dead now. Oh well, at least my mother got to her GP appointment on time.'

You see, the liberal agenda as advanced by folk like Trevor Phillips is not against religion, per se. Trevor doesn't mind me praying my Rosary at home. He probably doesn't even mind a Rosary walk in London. A Marian procession through London would be seen by Trevor as an exotic example of a multi-cultural society. 'Look, its just like being in Florence', he might say. 'How simply charming!'

You'll see on its website that the Equalities and Human Rights Commission believes in the creation of a society in which there are no divisions in society whatsoever. Everyone looks happy because everyone is 'equal'. 'Looks at all those happy people of all religions and none. They're so happy!' No, what concerns Trevor is the idea that religion might actually make a difference to how someone lives so much that their sacred conscience is informed by it. 'How very dangerous and what a grave threat to equality this Conscience thing is! It must be eliminated!' It is a conscience informed by religion that is a threat to the advancement of the 'equalities' juggernaut.

What Trevor perhaps does not appreciate is the fact that, for good reason, different peoples of different times and different ages have resisted the idea of leaving their religion at the 'temple door' because conscience is sacred. It is the one thing, the only thing, indeed, that the Government cannot own. You see, Governments and other people can demand from you or steal from you everything you own. Earthly power and authority belongs to them. If a Government so wishes, it can use its power to detain or even kill any enemy of the State it chooses. It wouldn't necessarily be lawful, or right, but it could do so because the power is there. What the Government cannot take from you, however, is your soul and Conscience is the judgment seat of your Soul. Ultimately, the Soul is the final bastion of human freedom - it cannot be taken from you - it can say "no" to human power, the body can die or even be killed, but the Soul lives forever. And that, presumably, is what all religious people believe. There is no religion without a belief in the Soul and Conscience.

And Trevor wants your Soul. He wants your Conscience. Ultimately, that is what this is about, because if you, as an Anglican, a Hindu, a Catholic, a Muslim or a Sikh, or merely someone who does not believe in any deity, but tries to follow their Conscience according to timeless and traditionally held values, refuse to lay your Conscience down and place it in the hands of the governing rulers of the age, then you are a threat, not only to the State, but to the edifice of 'equality' on which the society in which you live has been built. For fundamental values informed by Christianity, are being swept aside, only to be replaced with a new ideology of 'equality' in which whatever it was you thought you believed, if you thought you believed it, you should probably stop believing it and, whatever you now believe, you must never act on those beliefs because to do so would be, fundamentally, treason against the State and the State-held new religion of equality.

See. What Trevor is trying to build is basically a Masonic paradise. It's an earthly paradise in which we all believe different things, but, in striving to build a new and better world, we leave our beliefs at our Church, mosque and temple doors and all hold hands at our local masonic lodge while practicing strange equality rituals that bind us together as a society and help us to forget what it is that our religions actually teach us about what is right and what is wrong. Mr Patel is there. Mr Singh is there. Mr Smith is there. Mr Mohammed is there. Mr Immaculata is there. They're all there, its just that they've all left their religious beliefs at their temple/mosque/church doors in order to join a project to build a new society in which they must either abandon or compromise their sacred consciences for the project to succeed. They are all still 'religious', it is just that they no longer follow their religious principles because these have to be forsaken for a broader goal. Before long, pork is on the menu and Jews must eat it, Muslims must eat it and Catholics must eat it, on Fridays, but that's okay because they're all working for the 'greater good'.

What Trevor wants is for religion to be nominal, to be something people adhere to in name only. You might ask, what is the point in being religious in name only? You might ask, what is the point in religion if it makes no difference whatsoever to what you believe or how you live? Well, today, you are just a fundamentalist fruitcake. Everyone in modern Britain knows that religion is something you put on an Equal Opportunities form. It doesn't actually mean anything. We left those days behind us long ago. We've moved on. That's what progress is. It means severing yourself from your roots, seeing what happens and ensuring that nobody is criticised except those who dare to question the new ethos.

Robspierre: Snappy dresser
Quite how on Earth a man who is head of an organisation which, ostensibly at least, has a duty to protect the rights of religious communities as well as those other communities who feel unjustly treated in modern Britain can remain in his post is laughable, because his brand of 'equality' is obviously so partial, that he could not give a fig if all Catholic institutions in the UK were to be forced to close tomorrow because they come into conflict with the State's new religion. Robspierre, like Trevor, knew how to dress snappily for his adventures in equality.

There was a time when the existence of gay bars and clubs was something only tolerated by politicians and societies even though, presumably, they were illegal. Perhaps some even frequented them themselves. Why is it that groups like Stonewall, who emerged from the gay nightlife scene and went on to became an impressively ran political lobbying machine, are not encouraged to leave their beliefs at their own doors? After all, it is the gay community with the public health problem that is HIV, not the Catholic Church or Her institutions. No. You can't say that. You can't even think that. Why? Because that's against 'equality'. To Trevor the Tyrant, that's just 'unfair' even though there is no reason why one political lobbying group should be given preference over Christians, other religious people and those who sympathise with traditional values grounded in natural law. What is more, he's prepared to see you lose your freedom to believe as you believe, to think what you think, or to write what you write, or act as you act, because to the new age of Equality gurus, one size fits all, and if it doesn't fit your size, you don't fit in at all. How sad it is, that we have finally come to the day in the United Kingdom, when there is no law or power higher than Parliament. I'm not sure Her Majesty the Queen agrees with Trevor, but then, even Monarchs should be wary of La Grande Terreur. What Mr Phillips believes in is a vision of equality in which one group (the religious) is always at a disadvantage. What he does not believe in, sorrowfully, is justice.


Left-footer said...

Hah! I beat you to it, but yours is more reasoned, and therefore better.

Your last paragraph puts it in a nutshell.

Peter said...

Do all the employees of his commission receive equal rates of pay?
Some are, I suspect, more equal than others.

Anonymous said...

Equality is the new religion.

I wonder what our Bishops are going to do this time. Are they going to strike another compromise with the devil or are they going to stand up and be counted this time?. They are getting pushed more and more into a corner and I wonder at what point (if ever) they crack and come out fighting - they are such a bunch of pansies. Interesting times ahead.


Anonymous said...

Your writing just keeps getting better and better!

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