Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Catholic Taliban Militia of Ages Past

St Francis of Assisi: Bi-polar, poverty-embracing, self-immolating, death-fixated, full-on Catholic nutjob.

St Dominic: Austere, autistic, pyromaniac. Bookish, scholarly radical. Unyielding on doctrinal issues.

St Thomas More: Dangerous maverick and stubbornly loyal Papist. Why is it always the quiet ones? Known to rant about Conscience. Obsessive. Suffers cold sweats when asked to sign oaths to the Crown.

St Joan of Arc: Schizophrenic militant Catholic vixen with sword. Trained by Catholics in a stronghold in France. Known to criticise notable figures in the hierarchy. Flammable, potentially incendiary insurgent.

Blessed John Henry Newman: Extreme, controversial, polemical firebrand. Convert. Beware, for converts are nearly always Taliban Catholics who take aim at their former religion, very often denouncing it.

The Sensible Bond has an interesting piece on Mr Ivereigh's quote which makes for interesting reading.


Ben Trovato said...

Great post, Laurence!

Tracy said...

Great post indeed! I'm linking this to my facebook..:)

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