Thursday, 2 September 2010

"Shall I delay publication for them...Shall I? Hmm..."


It really is incredible. If you gave me a pound for every time I have seen his face or heard his name past few days (in Southbourne, for Heaven's sake, cut off from the rest of humanity!) I'd be able to pay my Council Tax and have money left over to pay for my Papal Visit pilgrim pass coming in at just £5, a bargain, but I'd still not be filthy, stinking, absurdly rich like him.

Apparently, WWIII is breaking out in the Labour Party over the ongoing Tony Vs Gordon car park fight that the British press has salivated over down the years. Old 'Tone is really putting the boot in apparently and isn't holding back. Can this be the same Tony Blair who was sent to bring peace to the Middle East?! Could it be that he is allowing his personal ego to overshadow the good of the Labour Party? Never! 'Tone would never do that! If there's one thing he loves in this World, its the Labour Party! Maybe he only loves New Labour!

I can't do those screen shot things very well but I thought this was a rather amusing juxtaposition of political stories from the BBC News website...

  • 'Blair 'warned on economy' in 2005
  • The UK should have addressed its public deficit back in 2005, former Prime Minister Tony Blair has told the BBC.

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