"Is He a Fanta Drinker?"

I think its a nice, subtle way of asking whether Priests, Bishops, Cardinals, Religious Communities and Catholics in public life are loyal to the Pope and faithful to the Magisterium.

Just ask, "And what about ____________? Is/Are he/she/they (a) Fanta drinker(s)?"

Of course, the term, "Catholic" should really suffice, but nowadays there are so many Catholics in positions of influence whose words and beliefs do not reflect the Church's Teaching that it is really worth creating a euphemism.


catholic drinker said…
So now if you don't drink fanta, you're not loyal to the Pope? Talk about taking ultra-montaineism to the extreme
I can't believe you're taking that seriously!
shadowlands said…
Say the black, do the red, and drink the orange. A trinity of colourful truth if I ever heard one. I seriously am going to start drinking fanta now, as a gesture of loyalty to Our Holy Father. I've also got some red shoes, as it 'appenz......
Francis said…
I hate Fanta, but like San Pellegrino Aranciata. Does that make me a trad, or a schismatic?
shadowlands said…

Forget trad or schismatic, I dunno wot you've been drinking, but I'd say you're bordering on the Protestant with that type of attitude towards fanta ;)

Fanta, every bubble is 'filled with faith'

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