If You Want to Know Why 'Teen Pregnancy Strategy' is Failing, then Read This...

An anonymous comment from ages ago that I just discovered. Nothing speaks like real life stories...

'I had to abortions first the condom broke and we werent in a proper relationship i already had a 2 years old son whos dad abandom him i coultn affort to have another one and also was an accident, i was goin to have another abortin a week ago but i end up having a misscarriage , my boyfriend back then isnt emotionally stable to rase a baby and my son who is 4 needs me, we thout was goin to be a good idea till i realise my ex only wanted to be on his own and thinks of himself, so people like me can have babies i think is for the best, i dont thin 15 years old girls should get pregnant and live on benefit, since my son is been born im not free to do what ever i want im more responsable and also i m working wich at times is dificult, im on my own, thats why i think many woman choose abortions, itsnt right to do but is the best option for unwanted babies, my son was a wanted baby and i love him to bits men run away as soon women get pregnant so babies should be born in a loving and stable grown up family.thats my opinion, im not psycologic damage for the abortion, im damage because my sons dad left us but life goes on.'
Time for the Government to re-think? Condoms don't need 'tiny holes' in them to fail. If a ship has just one crack the whole thing can sink and cause casualties, but then no Government policy, nor the Church, nor even God Himself can make boys into men and men into men who truly love women enough to be devoted husbands and fathers. Such things can be promoted, but it is a daily choice that is presented to us and we can choose Life...or Death.


Anthony said…
That's like saying seatbelts should be banned because they don't always work! P.s. are you sure that letter was genuine - the use of txt speak wasw a bit inconsistent (it was probably someone trying to make a pro-abortion point while masquerading as a downtrodden mother)
I can't be sure the letter is genuine. Certainly looks genuine!

Reason I published it was because it was clear that grounding the Govt's policy to teen pregnancy on the condom is not going to work.

Abortion clinics know this, which is why they campaign that the same lie is spun. It feeds their business.