The Vatican Can't Improve on St Juan Diego's Tilma


Lynda said…
Thank you for continuing to attest to the truth, whilst you still can. God bless and guide you.
Thank you for posting this wonderful alternative to the debacle that was displayed at the Vatican on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. This is what the Vatican should have displayed. Many thanks for the reparation you are making in doing this.

p.S. Love your decoding of the Vatican Light Show: matching Pope Francis' insults to the pictures. Keep it up - Who would have thought that the Holy Father would take the initiative to provide pictures to go with his insults. What initiative on his part!!! What a Pope!!!!!
Thank You! said…
Ave Maria!
Unknown said…
Below is a link to a petition for the conversion or abdication of 'Pope' Francis. I signed, but, of course we all know that the college of cardinals is pretty much a big evil hydra. If the Bergoglio head is extinguished, another ugly hydra head will likely replace him. Nonetheless, I felt I should sign it.

While I do not believe Francis is a true pope , he, at least bodily occupies the Chair of Peter. There is, then, the remotest of possibilities that he could convert and abolish Vat 2 and return the Church to tradition.

Seattle kim
Anonymous said…
You're right, he occupies the Chair of Peter, unworthily.....please, watch this : The year of the Mercy in Lego. Hopeless!