Sunday, 8 May 2016

To be Filed Under 'Dictatorship of Relativism'

Shall we dance?

Greetings readers and welcome a slightly new look blog. Indeed, welcome back to the 'twilight zone' that was well and truly entered by the Catholic Church on 13/3/13. In the vortex of diabolical mayhem known simply as the 'post-Benedict XVI era', Catholic bloggers are tasked with the mission of encouraging Catholics to stay faithful to the Faith passed down to us while it is further polluted, corrupted and overthrown centrally by men who have overseen its decline locally for the past 30-40 years, while lauding the wisdom of the 'new direction'. Yes, vocations can plummet, Churches can empty and close and the souls of millions can - through deliberate, wilful ambiguity on the part of prelates - be placed in graver jeopardy that ever before, but the esotericist can still claim the 'new direction' to be a success even when objective statistics suggest anything but success. I guess that's just part of what makes the new Catholic gnosticism so much fun.

Pope Francis spots a modern gnostic?

Thankfully, there are now quite a number of Catholic bloggers very much alive to to the grave threats posed by the Dictatorship of Relativism (TM) that Benedict XVI warned the Church of through his writings, homilies and interviews and we can see this dictatorship emerge in his conspicuous absence from the Chair of Peter. We should be more grateful that the Lord has provided Shepherds who are willing to warn the Faithful of the dangers posed by an elite band within the Sacred Hierarchy who seem intent to do all they can to dismantle the Church's most fundamental tenets through separating Church doctrine (which they do not wish to speak of) and 'pastoral care' (which they do want to speak of). We should note, too, that these figures do not wish to hold a 'debate' on fundamental issues to do with life, marriage and the family. No, no 'dialogue' is this, but the 'new guard' which in fact represents rather the 'old guard' wish to 'monologue' the Faithful into spiritual death with their deceitful mantras and overly simplistic 'new language'.

Shall we not, rather, bless?
Catholic bloggers and websites such as the erstwhile One Peter Five have been covering the fallout from the nuclear reactor leak that is Amoris Laetitia, otherwise known as 'the single most embarrassing and spiritually dangerous papal document in Church history'. While Cardinal Raymond Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider have been doing their level best to make their fidelity to Christ and His Teachings palpably clear at the 'Rome Life Forum', Archbishop Bruno Forte has been doing his level best to put distance between faithful Prelates such as these and the Pope, whose principal duties include the mission of encouraging Catholics to stay faithful to the Faith passed down to us. Unfortunately, the Pope has other priorities and so the Church needs Prelates who think that is rather important. It is helpful to their mission of teaching that Catholic commentators, journalists, writers, bloggers and communicators who can support them in that mission dedicate themselves to doing so.

But back to Archbishop Bruno Forte. It has been noted by several blogs that the Archbishop has related publicly a private conversation he held with Pope Francis concerning the Pope's desire to exploit in the manner of an opportunistic and cunning politician, ambiguities in text or speech during official Church discussions and through official texts. Personally, I have reached that stage in observing this pontificate that I simply don't take at face value (or even believe) that what prelates such as Archbishop Forte say of the Pope is even true, because part of being in the twilight zone is the realisation that we are led by members of the Sacred Hierarchy for whom truth or even honesty means very little. Simply put, it doesn't matter whether the Pope said it or not, for one simple reason which is as follows.

If the Pope said the following to Archbishop Forte...

“If we speak explicitly of Communion for the Divorced-and-Remarried, we don’t know what a mess will result. So let’s not mention it directly. Make sure the premises are there, and I will draw the conclusions”!

...then yes, that's a terrible thing. It means that deception (which is always diabolical) is at the very heart of the workings of this Papacy.

If the Pope didn't say...

“If we speak explicitly of Communion for the Divorced-and-Remarried, we don’t know what a mess will result. So let’s not mention it directly. Make sure the premises are there, and I will draw the conclusions”! Archbishop Forte, then Archbishop Forte has said a terrible thing, but more, it is objectively still a terrible thing because Pope Francis will (most likely) not publicly correct him on the matter or rebuke him for maligning his character and misleading the Faithful.

The strength of the 'dictatorship of relativism' is that it doesn't matter anymore whether it was actually said because, you know, you could always say you said it, or get someone else to say you said it, or by not correcting the offending Archbishop who has said you said it even without telling him he could say it, give the impression you said it, even if you didn't actually say it. Quite simply, the Chief Shepherd, the Chief, the Supreme Teacher and defender of Faith and Morals has gone AWOL and has another agenda entirely. Truth isn't a part - much less the bedrock - of that agenda. So why should we be surprised if even members of the Hierarchy working closely with him to deceive the Faithful in a cunning 'five year plan' to unashamedly install the official Microsoft update for the Catholic Church for the next 100 years, basically suggest openly that Pope Francis is a manipulative imposter bordering on evil genius who plots to 'draw the conclusions' from 'official' ambiguity to do those things which his Sacred Office forbids him from doing?

Of course, most of us have told lies and deceived at some point in our lives, but the Catholic Church demands - at least educates us that such deception is wrong. Do these members of the Hierarchy think such brazen clericalism and dishonesty about your true intentions is in any way from God? Is deception through ambiguity what the 'God of surprises' is for? Is the Holy Spirit behind a papacy which dispenses with integrity?

Of course, it can also be said that the strength of the dictatorship of relativism is also its greatest weakness. At some point, people will work out that even if you are giving people what they think they want in terms of ambiguous teachings concerning Faith and Morals, people still believe that - generally - lying, dishonesty, deception and fraud are moral evils, even if the Chief Shepherd has stopped teaching about objective moral evils that endanger the souls of those in the Church's care.

At some point in the future, people will realise that even if the 'new direction' promises an easier Christian life - or even a life that is no longer Christian - that it is essentially built on sand, a house of cards that will come crumbling down because truth is not part of the building, that Christ Himself, the chief cornerstone, the Rock Himself upon whom the Church is built, has been rejected. While many people like or would like the opportunity to commit adultery, nobody actually likes adultery being committed against them. Lying, fraud and deception are the essential ingredients in any act of adultery and all spouses, innocent or guilty of it, know that.

No wonder, then, small surprise it is, that this pontificate is so very concerned with defending adultery and covering up for those who commit it, wilfully attempting to convince the Church and the world that perpetual adultery can be healed simply through false appeals to 'mercy'. The other essential ingredient of adultery - as well as the immediate loss of integrity and honesty, is betrayal. This pontificate is good for one thing. It teaches all Catholics faithful to Christ and His Teachings just how terrible it feels to be a victim of adultery and infidelity and to know that a sizable percentage of those who commit it - yes, on a serial, prolific basis - are not sorry and are not repentant about any of it at all. That's why it was strange all those months ago when Pope Francis apologised in public for certain scandals that had recently taken place, conveniently neglecting to mention for which of the near weekly scandals emanating from his pontificate he was apologising.

The sad and depressing truth is that those now in key positions of power and authority in the Bride of Christ will use whatever strategic moves are at their disposal - be they good or evil - to implement the reforms they wish to take hold of the Catholic Church. If the Pope said what Archbishop Forte says he said, that's a terrible indictment on this pontificate. If he didn't say it, its a terrible indictment of this pontificate because the Pope (though I hope I am proved wrong) does not love Christ's Flock enough to correct, rebuke, or contradict what Archbishop Forte has said. Welcome to the twilight zone...


philipjohnson said...

Laurence.Great piece of writing as usual. This time you reflect on the current apostasy and heresy in Rome lead by Francis.Our Lady of Fatima spoke about this lack of Faith at the top.Boy aren't we seeing it now!!Tradition is growing -i notice that the Oratorians are expanding in England as we speak and it is Tradition that will come to our aid with the help of the Mother of God and Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ.Kasper and his humbleness haven't got a chance against that array of Divine Might.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion there is no doubt the pope said it. I mean the pope is the worst most transparent con artist I have ever seen. He only gets away with it because of his title and nobody wants to face the harsh reality that the pope is trying to destroy the Church. If a nobody with no title acted the way the pope does everybody would see right thorough him.

Anonymous said...

The dictatorship of Relativism made the first victim, Pope Benedict, this dictator won't prevail, but he's destroiyng every trace of Catholicity. God bless+.

Deacon Augustine said...

"If he didn't say it, its a terrible indictment of this pontificate because the Pope...has personally hand-picked a lying, calumniating ass of an archbishop as secretary to the Synod of Bishops and given him license to pontificate and promote his demonic immorality to the Catholic Church in the Pope's name."

As you rightly say, whether he said it or not, it is a terrible indictment on this pontificate. Thanks for running away so courageously, Ratzinger - the shepherd who threw his flock to the wolves.

Anonymous said...

The German shepherd was kicked out by the Skt. Gallen Blackfriars, full stop.

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