The Ascension of the Lord

After 40 days,
And not a day more
Asked they who were come together with the Lord

‘Wilt thou at this time restore again
The kingdom to your people, Israel?’

He said ‘It is not for you
To know moments or hours
Which the Father hath put in His power

But you’ll receive the power
Of the Holy Ghost
To be my witnesses around the globe'

Then He was lifted up into the sky
And a cloud received Him from their sight

As they beheld Him
Going up to heaven,
Behold two men stood by them

Stood there two men!
Stood there two men!

Dressed in white garments!
Spreading their gaze over
The Catholic Church!

‘Why then, O men, why, then O men
Stare thee up above to Heaven?
The same Lord as He hath left
Shall in like manner return'

Do not forget
That He hath said,
‘I am with you always’
Be His witnesses
Stay faithful to the Name

For under the guise
Of wine and bread
Hail, His True Presence
Upon His Blood, His Flesh
Shalt thy souls be fed

The glorious Head
He Hath gone ahead
To where the Body is sure to follow
When the Bridegroom’s voice
Echoes through the Universe

Dominus est!
Dominus est!
Ecce Panis Angelorum!
Vivat Christus Rex!

Dominus est!
Dominus est!
Rex Angelorum!
Vivat Christus Rex!

Dominus est!
Dominus est!
Rex Angelorum!
‘Consummatum est’


umblepie said…

Thank you Laurence, very good.
viterbo said…
St Gregory: "Our Lord ascended in to Heaven. He ate before He ascended to make clear by the act of absorbing nourishment, the reality of His flesh."

Oath against modernism: “I accept with sincere belief the doctrine of the faith as
handed down to us from the Apostles by the orthodox Fathers, always in the same sense and with the same interpretation. And I reject absolutely the heretical doctrine of the evolution of dogma, as passing from one meaning to another and different from
the sense in which the Church originally held it.”

Ratzinger’s 'understanding of resurrection': “Now it must be acknowledged that if in Jesus’ Resurrection we were dealing simply with the miracle of a resuscitated corpse, it would ultimately be of no concern to us. For it would be no more important than the resuscitation of a clinically dead person through the art of doctors...The 'miracle' of a resuscitated corpse would indicate that Jesus’ Resurrection was equivalent to the raising of the son of the widow of Nain (Lk 7: 11-17), the daughter of Jairus (Mk 5: 22-24, 35-43 and parallel passages), and Lazarus (Jn 11: 1-44)...A help toward understanding the mysterious appearances of the risen Jesus can, I think, be provided by the theophanies of the Old Testament.”

Forget the Passion, Resurrection and Ascension, to which the OT was but a hopeful prayer. The Resurrected Lord, according to Ratzinger, is simply a regurgitation of an old myth...ah, 'noblesse oblige.'

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