Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Celebrities for Hitler Campaign

SPUC Director, John Smeaton, ever raising awareness of, and taking the fight to, the Culture of Death, has written an excellent blog post on the historical parallels between the current, celebrity-driven campaign for 'humanism' with its attending enthusiasm for abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide and hatred of Catholicism and the propaganda of Nazi Germany.

Citing the Nazi propaganda of the 1930s and 40s, he pointedly notes that the Hitler regime's opening gambit in preparing the nation for the mass murder of the 'unfit', was to use 'difficult cases' to soften opposition to euthanasia and 'assisted suicide'. Smeaton notes...

'Perhaps the first-ever such manipulation dates back to 1941, with Ich Klage An ("I accuse") (pictured), a propaganda film created designed to reduce resistance to the Nazi adult euthanasia programme.

The film centres around a woman with multiple sclerosis (just like Debbie Purdy) who asks to be killed. Simon Konrad, the then-bishop of Passau, issued a pastoral letter against the film, warning:

"Do not let yourself be confused by the fascinating representation of cases, which are invented on purpose to make a specific point, namely in order to beguile both natural and Christian common sense by evoking human compassion in an especially clever way!"'

The disturbing thing about the modern secular, atheistic culture of promoting death to the aged and to the unborn, leading the vulnerable, suicidal, or mentally ill into modern day death centres is that so many people think that the Holocaust happened in Germany because people despised Jews, so they acquiesced. Comments from men like Ricky Gervais suggest that there is plenty of hatred for certain groups within society in present day Britain. Replace the word, 'gypsies' with 'chavs' and you already have a group of people despised, rejected and unwanted.

It cannot be overstated just how influential the media is, and the celebrities which the World reveres are, in forming public opinion. It is highly disturbing that their opinions run contrary to all of the human freedoms for which this country once stood. We did not fight a war against Hitler, only to adopt his murderous, barbaric ideology. Let us fight this new and hideous glorification of eugenics with all our strength and continue to reveal 'humanism' to be the ugly, evil and inhuman set of beliefs that it truly is.

The battle lines are being drawn. A Government which is fiercely and bitterly anti-Catholic has laid out its stall and the forces of atheism, and the tyranny and murder it so often promotes, which were defeated in 1945, are assembling their army of darkness once more. That same tyrannical atheism was defeated in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall, in no small part, thanks to the prayers and tireless zeal of Pope John Paul II.

As Catholics we will fight these same forces once more and we do not care how many celebrities, journalists, media pundits, politicians, writers, broadcasters and media luvvies you send us, be it Richard Dawkins, Stephen Fry, Terry Pratchett, Martin Amis, Sir David Attenbrough or now the odious Martin Salter MP. We will defeat you, even if it were to be seen that we had lost, even if you try to silence us, even if eventually you rejoice because the Government imprisons us or worse! We will fight your tyranny with every breath we have until our death, or until Christ returns in glory, as Judge of the World! Victory, honour, power and glory to our God! Those who overcome shall be crowned and as these celebrities have sown, so shall they reap!


Anonymous said...

This is a truly inspiring post Laurence. I'd like to learn more about the Nazi propaganda because the similarities between their discourses and the ones flourishing in the UK at the moment are striking. The sentimental ramble of pro-choice crowd just shows what happens when people forget history lessons. And certain things did not happen too long ago.


pelerin said...

I agree with Anon - inspiring indeed and extremely well put.

I was just thinking about the influence of the media when watching the news today. On Monday night I watched the Dimbleby pro euthanasia lecture on the BBC and today the BBC news featured the 'problem' of how to care for the elderly with dementia showing several cases. I could not help but link Monday's programme to this news item and now wonder whether indeed it was a deliberate ploy to make us all more agreeable to euthanasia.

Having left the tv on while writing this I now see that there is a programme on (the BBC again) called 'Don't Grow Old'. However it does seem a little more up -beat as they are now talking about the possibility of living to be 120!

We do live in a strange world - some people call for euthanasia and others talk about the possibility of living much longer. Millions of innocent children are aborted by doctors before they have drawn breath and yet other doctors attempt to give children to aging grannies with no thought for the children. Respect for the Natural Law seems to have vanished and mankind is all the poorer.

The Bones said...

I have, at times, turned off the radio or burst out laughing at some of the stories on the news, or features on the radio, as it just feels terribly like propaganda.

It became particularly amusing during and after Climategate. The BBC didn't want to touch it with a bargepole, while it was the biggest story in more independent news publications.

I think that so much now in the mainstream media is far removed from ideas of investigative, or even independent journalism.

Propaganda works because if you say the same thing, over and over again, eventually people believe it. Quite why that doesn't work for the Church, I don't know, but then, by and large, the Church doesn't play on people's fears, it proclaims Truth. Because of this She is the scratching post for people's prejudices.

You basically get the sense that when every newspaper, and nearly every politician and nearly every media outlet is basically carrying the same opinions on something like euthanasia, that proper debate is being closed down and only one view could possibly be credible, or emerge victorious. The alternative, more sensible view, then becomes something incredible and ridiculed.

The Church is returning again to how it began. The Voice in the Wilderness!

Dilly said...

Actually, the word "gypsy" and ""chav" are related. Chavvies is the roma word for children. That's where the insult probably came from originally. I worked in a school with a large percentage of travellers, and we were not allowed to use it - even in jest, and when the derivation was not widely known.

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