Friday, 14 November 2014

The Kasperite Dialectic


Long-Skirts said...


In the land
Of Deutsch and Vaters
Races Rhine's
All mastering waters

No other creed
Or freemasonry
Hate like the Vaters
Of Germany

An Alter Christus
For sinner and virgin
But the Rhine's vineyard reds
Let deviance burgeon

They will like you to death
With all their red fiber
And drown your soul
So you can't reach the Tiber

But in the land
Of Deutschland's waters
It’s time to dam
Rhine's polluted Vaters!

torchofthefaith said...

With the usual caveat over translation, Kasper's recent talk at the Ecumenical Centre in Rome spoke of the Gospel being passed from generation to generation, not as a 'precious object' but in terms of 'a process'.

In light of all the events around the Synod, his words are as scary as they are revealing.

The truth that the Deposit of Faith is unchanging and unchangeable must be affirmed and defended by Pope Francis.

Kasper's talk of 'process' does call to mind the Hegelian Dialectic or Marx.

Good spot Laurence!

Fr Michael Clifton said...

The dialectic is indeed Hegelian who invented the 3 point system to explain how revolutions worked out. Kasper and his friends are now members of the Church of St Marx and all Engels.

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