The Lean, Mean, Keen, Straight-Talkin', Street-Fightin', Pyjamahadeen

Male blogging attire: And not a pyjama in sight...
Amid the war of words taking place within the Catholic realm of the new media, the label 'Pyjamahadeen' has been pinned on some Catholic bloggers.

Who would say something so nasty as he looks down his nose at those passionate enough to write about the Faith for free?

I believe this label is grossly unfair. Not only is it an imperious insult, from those who came up with it,  towards the Catholic blogging community, but it is a well known fact that Catholic bloggers loyal to the Magisterium and the Supreme Pontiff wear smoking jackets and boxers. The men, at any rate.

Don't worry. None of our smoking jackets are sourced from the Ivereigh Coast. I think there's a song here somewhere, but I should really resist...


Lol, I'm wearing a dressing gown at this very moment! Close enough?

We sang to your honour last night Lawrence!
The Bones said…
All honour and all glory is Yours, O Lord.

May any of my songs in praise of our beloved Supreme Pontiff's liturgical reforms be sung to the great honour and dignity of our Pope, Benedict XVI, now gloriously reigning, since it it His Holiness, prompted by the Holy Spirit Who Christ vouchsafed to the Church, who has liberated the Mass of Ages.

Is this 'spirit of Vatican I'?
The old Mass was never bound or abrogated my dear Marmaduke ;)
The Bones said…
How right you are, sir. More cherry?
I got told off by a priest the other day for writing on here that I was wearing a dressing gown (before the post I made here the other day) - he implied I was a slob or something.

But I think the time has come for the formation of the Confraternity of Blessed Noel of Coward, or the Sodalitas Pyjamahideeniensis or soemthing like that. What do you reckon?
The Bones said…
Er...Let's see how his cause goes first. God bless bro.

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