Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A Not So Amusing Sign

Mgr Andrew Summersgill: To the English College?
Let me be the first to say that if I were put in charge of the Papal visit, it would likely be an unmitigated disaster.

Neither are Priests ordained to be events managers. That said, most reports that I have read on Mgr Andrew Summersgill suggest that as he is known for his role in the Papal visit to the United Kingdom, so is he known for his liberalism.

Liberalism is a great problem for the Church, a veritable dragon of an enemy, something said forcefully by the kindly Cardinal made Blessed during the Visit by Pope Benedict XVI last year. Surely, the Church in England and Wales needs Bishops and Rectors of Seminaries who will do battle against it, rather than promote or refuse to challenge it. While this is just the opinion of a simple, if not particularly humble, layman, I would not be the only Catholic today to suggest that the replacement for Mgr Nicholas Hudson, Rector of the English College in Rome, someone known too for his liberalism, should be a man whose theology is not unrecognisable from that of the reigning, and gloriously so, Pope.

The news, therefore that there are rumours abounding that Mgr Nicholas Hudson is possibly on the way to promotion to the Diocese of Plymouth and that Mgr Summersgill will replace him at the English College, is, I think you will agree, a little alarming. Any sense of alarm at this news should not be personal against these men, for I am sure they are indeed good and fine men. However, in all charity, we should want the best for the Church in England and Wales and the best for Holy Church's seminarians, future Priests and Bishops and for their spiritual formation. We should pray to the Saints to intercede for us today, of all days.

Read Damian Thompson's report here.

Meanwhile, today is a Feast day. If your local Sainsbury's is open, I thoroughly recommend this exquisite chocolate fondant torte made by a company called Gu. It is currently one pound cheaper than it usually is, at £3.49 or something. Economic crisis? What economic crisis! Yes, it is as good as it looks... 

Fr Z, you have simply got to try this! Believe me, you won't look back.

If there were a persecution of the Church and someone said to me, "If you renounce your Faith we will make you chief taster of Gu chocolate fondant torte and all Gu dessert products," then... well, I shouldn't supply any enemies of the Faith with any potential ammunition or ideas.

I've never taken crack, but I'll bet this is better than crack. Crack takers! Take this instead!

And finally...I am rather taken by Fr Z's idea of Catholic Fortune Cookies. Quotes from the Saints and from the Gospels would be good.

I like the idea that they would be challenging, as well as ones which are more generally encouraging and hopeful.

So one could be something like, 'You are more important than sparrows, even the very hairs of your head are counted', alongside quotes like 'Thou fool, this very night an account shall be demanded of thy soul' and stuff like that. Things that will help us to repent and things that will give hope, for our repentance is necessary for our hope. Great idea, Father!


Left-footer said...

'Any sense of alarm at this news should not be personal against these men, for I am sure they are indeed good and fine men.'

As they are unknown to me, I cannot comment on their goodness and fineness. However, if their teaching is a threat to the spiritual welfare of my grandchildren, then for me it is personal.

The Bones said...

No, to be honest, I don't know if they are good or fine either, but we should assume the best, shouldn't we?

Mike said...

If I may be allowed to misquote Oscar Wilde:
"To appoint one liberal may be regarded as a misfortune; to appoint two looks like carelessness."

But you would think that the Pope (a) would not want to appoint ‘liberals’ to anything and that (b) he had at least some idea how things were being run at an institution in Rome.

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