Sunday, 27 November 2011

Saying the Unsayable

Fr Gabriel Amorth, Chief Exorcist at the Vatican
I like Fr Gabriel Amorth. I like the fact that he says things which he knows will be leapt upon the media and ridiculed.

I like the way he does not seem to care too much if others should think him foolish for being faithful to Christ.

I admire the fact that even though what he has said concerning Harry Potter and Yoga will appear to the World as bonkers, he is actually on the button.

He is an expert in his field, yet people will think they know better than he. Even though he has years of experience in dealing with the demonic and diabolical aspects of the spiritual realm, which in any other walk of life would give a person credibility when they speak out on a subject, people, even Catholics, will consider that his opinions concerning the promotion of witchcraft and 'self-enlightenment' in modern society to be eccentric.

I particularly like the fact that he is seemingly always pictured holiding a Blessed Crucifix, looking Heavenward for protection and help. I admire the fact that, even though he is held up to ridicule, he himself has probably liberated countless souls from the clutches of possession and from the snares of the Devil. He has, doubtless, by the physical possession of a person, come face to face with the vicious enemy of his and all of our souls.

Bishops and Priests speaking out about the ongoing and forthcoming cuts in welfare are right to express concern about the temporal welfare of the UK's poor. It is important that the poor are not abandoned by the State to a merciless World in which few real jobs actually exist in a time of deep recession.

That said, the Church is not an arm of the social services, She is the Body of Christ, the Ark of Truth and Salvation. Salvation! That is what we desire, even if appears at times, to ourselves and to others that we do not want it at all. If Bishops and Priests do not appear interested in saving souls then of what value will have been all of the justice and peace work?

When we read the statements of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of Westminster and they appear interchangeable with each other and Labour Party statements, we should be concerned that the spiritual welfare of the Church's flock is being neglected by our Shepherds and Priests.  May our Bishops and Priests never be afraid to appear as fools in the World's eyes, in remaining loyal and faithful to Our Lord Jesus Christ. May they never be afraid to 'say the unsayable' and to proclaim the spiritual truths of the Holy Faith to bring men and women to repentance.

If, in a country which has fallen into such a spiritual abyss as England, we and our Priests and Bishops are not mocked, ridiculed or even despised by politicians and the people for preaching the Gospel, then we have to ask the question, why not and what has gone wrong? For we know that Our Blessed Lord told us that when the World speaks well of us, it is then that we are in our moment of greatest danger. I like Fr Amorth because he doesn't care who likes him. He's prepared to say things that will mean he will be mocked and derided.

I bid you farewell from Brighton for now, where I am battling on the front line, in my dressing gown and boxer shorts, but with only a Holy Rosary for a weapon. 'Pyjamahadeen' seems positively mild in comparison to the insults hurled at Fr Amorth! May God bless him, reward his courage and embolden also the Catholic Voices team never to fear appearing foolish to the World, for, to the children of the Devil, the children of God will always appear to be mad, bad, rad, trad, glad and dangerous to know. Go on Catholic Voices! Preach the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The power of Christ compels you!


Richard Collins said...

Good post, thanks Laurence.

gemoftheocean said...

Caught your defense on Damian's column too. Excellent job. Most people commenting didn't have a clue.

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