Daily Mail Covers Australian Twin Abortion Tragedy

Click here for the Mail report on the 'distressing clinical incident' that cost the lives of two 32-week (8 months) old unborn children and leaves a mother utterly devastated and heartbroken.

'Distressing clinical incident'? For Pete's sake! What planet are these doctors and nurses inhabiting!? Call it what it is - a double tragedy for a mother and a father and the destruction of two innocent human lives!

I'd imagine its only 'distressing' because the World is waking up to the truth of what presumably takes place relatively frequently in Melbourne's hospital-cum-execution centre for the 'unfit'!

I heartily and absolutely disagree with the decision of the parents to go ahead with this terrible choice, but, that said, I still hope they sue this infant death-centre to Kingdom come. What do doctors have to do to get struck off nowadays? Actually, what do doctors have to do to get put inside for murder?

What's the point in having such an amazing looking hospital if with all that you can't be arsed to give such improved resources, technology and advancements in medical care to a little baby with a heart defect? The real 'heart defect' belongs surely to those in the business of killing little children! How wrong does the World have to get it on this issue to realise that the Church is right?

'Just a clump of cells': A 32-week born baby
By the way, are the mainstream press whitewashing the fact that these unborn children were aborted 32 weeks into the pregnancy? The Mail report doesn't say it, if it did before, Lifesitenews does, however. The BBC report also confirms it. We should pray for all concerned.

There are a couple of comments on the Mail article from women who have been offered 32-week abortions for babies with cleft palate, a perfectly operable condition. For those wondering how doctors can do this it is always worth recalling that Josef Mengele was a doctor too.


epsilon said…
Sorry, but it's the height of hypocrisy for the parents to sue for something they are an intrinsic part of - a bid to abort their own baby!!
gemoftheocean said…
The sick part was all the people say 'how dare you judge these people.' ...no, the Lord will judge them. Shoplifters we can 'judge' but not these folks. There actions were still sinful. I knew a guy about 10 years ago when I was going to a community college to take some fun theatre classes. He was in his late 20s and wanted to be a playwright. He was of very slight build had worked very hard to make the most of his life. He'd had congenital heart problems, and before age 12 he had had a huge number of operations. He did end up dying young, only last year. But that was 30some years of a sweet soul on earth, who NEVER complained 'poor me, I had all this trouble.' He made the most of his life, and he was working on his theatre Master's degree when he died. He had a marvelous and wicked sense of humor and was much loved by all whom he came into contact with. A one of a kind, unforgettable character. Who's to say 'this baby's life won't be worth living?'

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