Saturday, 26 November 2011

Restoration News

Well, the Catholic reporters are still camped outside my flat. Today they shouted, "Mr England, tell us your thoughts on George Michael's tour cancellation due to pneumonia." So obviously, I shouted back, "May the Lord smile upon him like 'Jesus to a child' and through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, may he recover and find peace in devotion to the Mother of God," as any Catholic would.

Fr Blake today puts up some pictures of the work going on at St Mary Magdalen's. I have to say the Church is looking quite beautiful nowadays.

I'm sure the Vatican's Sacred Art and Liturgical Buildings Commission would be well pleased with what he is doing.

With so many Church buildings saying so little about the liturgical orientation and prayer of the Church it is a great joy to see a Church being 're-orientated', so to speak, to focus upon the beating Heart of the Faith - the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

It is truly astonishing what Fr Ray has done in such short time. Why not make his day and put some money in the Building Restoration Fund today. None of us, surely, want to appear before God and be asked the question, 'What did you do for My floor?'

If you don't put any money in the Restoration Fund, I'll be forced to write a song about it. Think about it people. Just think about it. Do you have any idea of just how hugely irritating I could become? So give today and make his day, especially any Herald readers out there. And remember kids, don't do drugs or botox.

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Left-footer said...

Another song, please, or botox for me!

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