Thursday, 17 November 2011

I hate Benetton

I have never bought anything from Benetton. Their advertising has always irritated me because it is so naff and fake. Their clothing is bland. If any of my friends looked like this all the time, or even part of the time, I'd want to die, not because of their ethnic diversity but because they're so irritatingly smug. I have always hated Benetton, but today I hate them more than I did before.

I'm glad to see the Vatican is taking legal action. I for one was offended by the advertising image. Their advertising campaign is called 'Unhate' forgetting that while we Catholics are called to love God, our neighbour and justice, we are also called to hate sin. I bet that for all of the pseudo-we-can-create-a-new-world-of-peace-n'-love ad campaigning (while making loads and loads of cash) their clothing is made by 10-year-olds-in China anyway. If Benetton are so ethical, when are they brining out their 50p range of warm winter woollies for the homeless?

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