Friday, 13 April 2018

The Francis Song

A reader asked me for my response to 'Gaudate et Insultate', I've read some excellent analyses of the document and I don't think I can add much to it, so I thought I might as well sing what we can see is going on, what others have noted, based on The Dentist Song, from the hit musical Little Shop of Horrors. That song's about a brutal, sadistic dentist. Not like our Pope, obviously. He isn't a dentist.


Mary Kay said...

Yikes! Your commentary is every bit as effective as others I have read, and unlike the others, it has a catchy rhythm. I'll give it a 9.5.

Pelerin said...

Is this video in a different format to your previous ones? I have not had any trouble seeing and hearing your others. However with this one all I get is a black rectangle and the message 'Your browser does not currently recognise etc etc'

Highland Cathedral said...

I video quiz programmes on the television (it saves having to watch the adverts) and sometimes have reason to stop the video when I am playing it. On many occasions stopping the video catches somebody’s expression in a way which would not be noticeable if the video had kept playing but can be quite amusing. Similarly the expression on the Pope’s face in this photo may just be a result similar to stopping the video. Or maybe not.

Highland Cathedral said...

Now, I think I am right in saying that Barack Obama was, during his presidency, very supportive of people who enthused over their promotion of the extermination of unwanted babies. But he was not at all supportive of the idea that the USA should just open its borders and let anybody in who wanted to live in the USA. A double whammy. At least President Trump only shares one of his faults.

Physiocrat said...

I have still not worked out how a Jesuit could even become a Pope due to the Order's famous Fourth Vow. (I further promise a special obedience to the sovereign pontiff in regard to the missions, according to the same Apostolic Letters and the Constitutions).

It is not, as far as I know, obligatory, however, I would assume Brogolio took it, in which case he should have stated that he was not, and could not be, in the running for the papacy.

Pelerin said...

Thanks L. It's working now. Interesting comment from Physiocrat which I did not know. Perhaps the Pope is allowed to promise obedience to himself?

john haggerty said...

Please watch on YouTube:

The Vortex - Oh Canada! (Michel Voris) April 18, 2018.
Liz Yore: The New World Order Pope and Building the Resistance Movement (Fatima Center).

Also: Toronto Catholic Witness:
Vatican Shuts Down Jewish Priest's Order in Belgium (April 16).
The Temptation to Schism (15 April).

See The Spectator online:
Three Things You Need to Know About Pope Francis and the Cardinal Disgraced in the Sex Abuse Scandal by Damian Thompson.

The Cardinal is Godfried Danneels (a Modernist and a fan of Freemasonry) who appears in the Toronto Catholic blog about the Catholic crisis in Belgium.

New World Order Pontiff.
New World Order Cardinal.
New World Order Church.

john haggerty said...

A sincere Catholic friend has just read my above comment and calls me 'alarmist' and 'excitable'.
She thinks Laurence's blog exaggerates the Francis problem.
She refuses to admit there is such a thing as the 'Bergoglian heresy'.

OK, Theresa.
Here are the words of homosexual activist Jean Paul Shimek.
They are lifted from the blog Vox Cantoris: Jean Paul Shimek and the National Catholic Register - mocking faithful Catholics and the notion that 'gay is godly'.

Shimek: 'I give the so-called fundamentalist Catholics another 5 maybe 10 years at the most. Then they will be driven from every parish in America. I think they already sense this and that's why they're trying to set up pseudo parishes of their own.'

So he sees the likes of Laurence, Michael Voris and Cardinal Burke (and millions of the faithful) as having another 10 years max. And then they will either have died off or will be in schism.

Mr. Shimek states that same-sex 'parternships' will be honoured and blessed by the Church during 'the age of the Francis Revolution'.
Yes, he speaks of the Francis pontificate as 'revolutionary'.
A putsch or seizure of power by a revolutionary elite.
A violent break with tradition and the moral teaching of the past.
A dictatorship of imposed ideas.

Like the Protestant 'Progressives' Mr Shimek rewrites the pure and brotherly friendship of David and Jonathan (Old Testament) as a squalid homosexual affair; he fails to grasp that camraderie can be profound (speak to soldiers who have faced battle) but is nothing like the relationship between a married man and woman, or of a boy and girl in love.
The Lord God calls sodomy an abomination on a par with bestiality, but Mr Shimek knows better than God. Everything can be 'reinterpreted,' even Jesus Christ; that is an article of faith with Progressives.

The Francis Revolution will consume its own children.
The next 10 years are going to be terrible indeed.
We need a giant like Bernard of Clairvaux who can stand up to this Anti-Pope.

john haggerty said...

Please watch on YouTube:

The beauty of Traditional Catholicism (Holy Faith TV) July 15, 2017.

What insanity seized the Catholic Church (after Vatican II) that led to her turning her back on the liturgical treasures of the Mass?

I watched this moving film after reading a number of liberal Catholic blogs which sneered at 'traditionalists'.
The conceit and shallowness of these bloggers defy comprehension.

The liberals always claim the moral high ground.
They and they alone are confronting the agony of the world.
They and they alone have a 'progressive' theology which can understand all the complex moral issues.
They talk as if we are the shallow ones, fixated by 'old-fashioned morality' (i.e. marriage) hostile to any kind of change, and fixated by outward form and ritualism.

The Liberal Pharisees never show any understanding of personal sin.
They never demonstrate any awe in the presence of God or show any depth in their prayer and worship.
A BBC film made about 10 years ago (YouTube) on Pope Benedict is a case in point.

The film-maker starts by saying that if Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is elected pope, then he might consider becoming a Muslim.
What faithful Catholic would even think such a thing far less announce it on television?

The Liberal Pharisees think in dualities.
If you are not with them, then you are a right-winger and a conservative.

Pope Benedict is portrayed in this documentary as a 'hard-line conservative' - not what they want to see in the BBC, an organization that has gone out of its way to ridicule and travesty the Christian faith.

These media drones have no idea what 'conservative' means since they have no coherent sense of Catholic history.
Alas, Britain does not yet have a Michael Voris, who uses television brilliantly, turning the tables on those Liberal Pharisees.

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