Tuesday, 3 April 2018

A Blessed Easter to You All


Kathleen1031 said...

We have enjoyed, so much, these videos. We stand amazed at your talent for them, and every single time we watch them, it gives us a much needed bit of comic and sad relief and yes, satisfaction. God bless you for putting all the time into doing this.
There is a fantastic synergy between your articulation and voice that makes these really good. Kudos to you and God bless you!

john haggerty said...

Please watch:
1) The Diabolical Disorientation in the Church, Christopher Ferrara.
2) Christoper Ferrara. This Time It's Different: Cardinals and Bishops Must Resist the Pope.

'Let's Twist Again' came out in 1961 during the time of Pope John XXIII (Roncalli); but there is a narrative that will not go away, regarding the first ballot and the election to the papacy of the faithful and doctrinally sound Cardinal Siri.

How well I remember my devout Catholic primary teacher (a beautiful young woman) raising the haunting story of Cardinal Siri; and of course we all saw on television the white smoke issue from the Vatican chimney, only to be told it was an error.
How I wish the rumour of Roncalli's flirtaion with Modernism, Freemasonry and the occult philosophy of R. Steiner would go away, but it won't. There are numerous posts online, Was Roncalli a Freemason?

Is it really possible that Roncalli attended Grand Orient meetings on those Thursday nights in Paris? For any Roman Catholic (or Protestant) to have done so was absolutely vile. A mortal sin.
But for a bishop to do so must be seen as a betrayal of Jesus Christ and his Gospel.

Did Roncalli somehow imagine that 'bridges could be built' between the occult errors of Freemasonry and the revealed truth of Christianity?
If so then one can only conclude of Roncalli that he was an unconverted man, a pseudo-Catholic, and that he should never have been elevated to high office.
Bridges can only be built in terms of truth. The supremacy of Jesus Christ as Lord, Saviour and King is not negotiable.
We can only be saved on God's terms, and never on our own terms or the Grand Orient's terms.
Unless we are grasped by this truth, the cancer of Modernism will spread.

It is a disturbing thought that high-profile Freemasons (all men of influence in business and world affairs) approved of Vatican II and applauded the wholesale destruction of the Mass.

In his memoirs the gracious Cardinal Heenan said that Pope John XXIII instigated Montini's promotion and that this led inevitably to Montini's election as Pope Paul VI.
The real destruction of the Mass and liturgy came during Paul VI's papacy.

Pius X11 had favoured Cardinal Siri as his successor.
The disaster of the ecumenical movement which would have horrified all of the popes up to and including Pius X11, is the appalling legacy of Vatican II.

Paul VI and John Paul II embraced and endorsed those New Age gurus, tricksters and charlatans.
This is the error of liberalism which John Henry Newman warned us about.
If everyone is right, no one is wrong.
I hear this nonsense every day.
It has destroyed the Church of Scotland, which is now just an assembly of media-savvy politicians, an arm of the Scottish Parliament, like the dead churches in Communist bloc countries.

Francis is on the same Road to Nowhere as the Church of Scotland.
As the Beatles sang:

'He's a real Nowhere Man, living in his Nowhere World, making all his Nowhere Plans for Nobody.'

Mary Kay said...

I want to second Kathleen1031's comments here and at other sites. I've been a traddy for years and she is so good at articulating my thoughts!
Thank you for your great musical interludes---so refreshing during this disastrous papacy. I wish you and yours a lovely Easter season and hope and pray you continue your insightful analysis and fun music (I've shared your songs with my adult sons and they agree...) to make us remember to laugh at the situation. This papacy will end at some point and we know Who wins in the end!

john haggerty said...

Please watch... 'Mother Angelika Live: A Protestant's Conversion' (YouTube).

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