The Sweet Caress of FrancisMercy

The above video is the latest footage that has arrived during the  Revolution of Tenderness TM

If you can't see the moment of heartmelting tenderness in this video it begins at 1min 45sec in the video below and is over very quickly.

Image result for walter kasper revolution of tenderness

It must be a huge honour to get slapped about and shoved 
around a bit by the Great Reformer.

Feel the mercy!

Some people have received the highest honour the Church can accord, that of being mown down by the Pope's vehicle.

Pray for Henry Sire, author of 'The Dictator Pope'.

Image result for henry sire

Pray for his protection and the protection of all those who are determined to stand in the way of the juggernaut of FrancisMercy.

Until Easter Day, I wish you a blessed Holy Week. 

 Dear Lord, deliver us! 


Liam Ronan said…
Thanks, Bones, but I can't see any video. Maybe that's best.
viterbo said…
Hmm. Well. For the Novus Ordo crawly bum licks :

Meanwhile, 3:33 - they don't look like they are living in 'happiness'.

Reality: PS. Bergoglio is something the Novus Ordo guards need to keep in check. But, the progression of falsehood should be evident to those seeking truth.

PPS. Liam, shame Lawrence. PPPS Lawrence shame Liam - or will neither of you bother...
Magna Cartar said…
That's shocking, it's more or less assault. I never thought I'd live to see a Pope like this one. I hope some of his adorers in the basilica witnessed it.
PLCatholic said…
Wouldn’t this be a good week to begin to DEFEND GOD’S PAPACY.
Anonymous said…
Old people get cranky.
Liam Ronan said…

You observe (rightly) "Old people get cranky."

May I suggest that that is precisely why God invented prunes.
viterbo said…
Ok. enough is enough. I did not post the crap above. So - if there is a 'viterbo' post, whatever. If anyone can tell a git how to shut 'viterbo' down, will be glad to do so. 'Viterbo' taken after Rose, but not wanting to besmirch the name of a saint, my name is Sonia. Bones, if you can shut out replica viterbos, please do so. Enough is enough.
Yeah, um, thanks, Bones. Every comment is from the source it seems, and every post from etc. St Peter's successor is leading souls to hades, um, heaven. All is .. well, Christ is Risen.
JB said…
Man if that brutal little gesture doesn't reveal how he is behind closed doors. Awful. I can't see myself or anyone i know almost shoving a person away like that, who was merely trying to assist and make him more comfortable. And the look on his face. Terrifying.
JB said…

Old people may get cranky, but he seems like a thug to me. The look on his face. I thought maybe he was going to punch the guy. I don't know anyone who would react that way to someone who is obviously trying to assist.

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