The Pope Embraces the Catholic Faith: What Would That Look Like?

As readers know, I do not, unlike many mainstream Catholic commentators, hello Austen Ivereigh, go along with the idea that the Pope can simply change stuff he doesn't much like, such as God's truth on morality and I do not accept for one moment that what was wrong yesterday is made morally acceptable / fine and dandy today simply by the Pope's awesome openness or even firm 'Yes' to sin.

It is becoming farcically difficult to pretend that this is not what Pope Francis's agenda involves for the Church and so for this reason I daily pray for the conversion of Pope Francis to the Faith into which he was baptised which he gives every impression that he has rejected in favour of what we could call 'his own thing'. I am certain that many, many people are praying for precisely the same outcome because Catholics do not want Popes to meet their Maker without them believing the Faith without which their investment in the sublime Office of the Papacy is rendered confusing, useless, incredibly destructive or all three.

As an elderly man approaching 82 and with a sudden awareness of his own mortality, his own mendacity and the strict accounting a man in his Office will have to undergo before the Throne of God the Franciscan 'turnaround' that conversion to the authentic Catholic Faith - that believed always, everywhere and by all - which Francis would undergo would be dramatic indeed. The interior life of metanoia, however, and the privacy of the soul may mean that, if it happens, Pope Francis may not announce his conversion. After all, that would be a terribly embarrassing thing for a Pope to have to do and would render his entire pontificate prior to his conversion a 5 year period of nothingness or worse.

Incoming, from Germany...

It's all downhill from here, Your Holiness...

So, without a public announcement that suddenly, in response to the torrent of graces amid the divine assistance that come with his Office, Catholics might look for signs of Francis's conversion. Here, should that day come, are some telltale signs of the dramatic turnaround the Pope's religious assent to the Catholic Faith might entail...

  • The immediate and unequivocal retraction of Amoris Laetitia due to the widespread confusion caused followed by a thorough reinstatement of the teaching Magisterium of Pope St John Paul II.
  • The answering of the Four Cardinals - of whom two died awaiting response - dubia through a document made public for all to see.
  • Disciplinary action taken against those high-profile clergy who abuse the Catholic Faith and their positions of influence to endorse the LGBT and other anti-life agendas within the Church.
  • The restoration of the sovereignty of the Knights of Malta.
  • The restoration of the Pontifical Acadamy for Life and the removal of population control advocate advisers to it.
  •  The promotion of reverent and traditional liturgy in-keeping with the Faith of all time.
  • The consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
  • The immediate cessation of airplane interviews due to the confusion caused in previous flights.
  • The promotion of Cardinal Sarah's liturgical initiatives coinciding with greater papal support, rather than isolation, for his work at the CDW.
  • The appointment of Bishop Athanasius Schneider to produce a Syllabus of Errors that will counter the disastrous implementation of the Second Vatican Council.
  • The training of all seminarians and clergy in the Latin language and the promotion of the Mass of all ages with a long-term strategy to adopt the ancient rite as the universal norm of the Church.
  • The reappointment of Cardinal Burke to the Apostolic Signatura or another high-profile position.
  • Papal support and solidarity with the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate and the public honouring of Fr Stefano Manelli.
  • The regular revoking of all erroneous 'suggestions' or implied ambiguous statements from Pope Francis in order to restore sanity to his Magisterium, so often expressed through mass media outlets. Pope videos would be a good way of doing this.
  • The suppression of the Jesuits.
  • The placing of Germany under interdict until the German Bishops Conference unequivocably accept the Petrine authority and authority of Rome over doctrine and liturgy.
  • The abolition of the widespread custom of Holy Communion received on the hand and the fostering of devotion to the Blessed Sacrament by a firm insistence that the Lord must be received kneeling and on the tongue unless frailty or injury forbids it.
  • The solemn excommunication of the St Gallen Mafia and of all who attempt to rig conclaves.
  • A determination to drive the sect of ecclesiastical Freemasonry from the bosom of the Church
  • A document restating the need for the separated brethren as well as Jews, Muslims, schismatics, and pagans to embrace the divine Faith for their Salvation
  • Cardinal Cupich's red hat to be left on the mantlepiece on his way out of the room.

Many if not most of these ideas for 'signs' of the Pope's conversion are lifted by something I read and thoroughly admired, this 'Letter to Pope Francis from Our Lord Jesus Christ' as given to an anonymous visionary somewhere on Earth. The man who penned it claims to be nothing but a mailboy. Of course, the authenticity of such things would need to be assessed and who better to do that than the Pope? It reads like a wonderful action plan for the restoration of the Holy Catholic Church and who could be a better candidate to do that than the man who tried to destroy Her?

It isn't too late for the Pope to...

I think our love for him as his children demands that we remind him of this. It is not too late if the Pope wants to leave to one side the adulation of heretics and embrace the Cross of the huge responsibility for souls that comes with his Office. Whether the letter is genuine or not, and whether eventually by God's grace Francis renounces his attacks on the Bride of Christ or not, it would be a truly wonderful thing, a beginning of a good and holy work if, quite frankly, the Pope just opened his mail.

'A letter from Jesus Christ, eh? Well, how interesting. I'm sure I'll get around to answering that one day...'

Postscript: I do not doubt some readers will think that linking to a visionary claiming to have a letter from Our Blessed Lord to Pope Francis is a rather imprudent a thing to put on a blog. I already agree with you, but because the times are so desperate and because nowadays Catholics take refuge in a desert with no prophet or prince and certainly no Pope who cares for them or who Shepherds them, but rely only on the Lord Himself and a few of His faithful, besieged and anxiety-ridden pastors, such things are a cause for hope. The Church belongs to Jesus Christ. His victory, with or without this dreadful Pope, is assured. Even to be reminded of this, in these days of darkness and confusion, is a blessing. May your Passiontide and your Holy Week be blessed and may we all seek the bruised, scorned and derided Face of our Beloved Saviour. We hope and we pray, ultimately we know and believe that the Church will rise resplendent in glory one day, all filth washed away, gleaming and pure but in our times, the Passion of the Church is His Passion for He and the Church are one.


The Holy Father is attacked by liberals and conservatives. He cannot win. Viva Il Papa.
The Bones said…
It is not a popularity contest.
The Pope has to be obedient to Christ and place fidelity to His teachings first.
philipjohnson said…
There is nothing Holy about Bergoglio.His intentions are the destruction of The Body of Christ.He will pay for this unless he repents.Bones is correct in what he is saying.The Pope needs to be obedient to The Church and its teachings,not lambast them at every turn.
Anonymous said…
Dear Mr. Bones, we're desperate, yes, but Our Lord won't leave us alone, remember the last words of Benedict ' The Church is in the hands of the Lord, the Lord will win',let's pray for our souls and for Pope Benedict.
viterbo said…
The VII faith will never look like this : Happy belated St. Patrick's Day.
Pelerin said…
I am curious to know where that dreadful altar illustrated with the horned beast is situated. I have seen some horrors but this one takes the biscuit as they say.
Pelerin said…
Sorry - I should have googled first before asking the question! I've found out just by googling 'altar showing horned beast' that it is in a German church in somewhere called Zweibrucken and was designed by a nun.
Physiocrat said…
Christianity in Russia is reviving quite nicely. The Fatima prayers seem to have worked.
john haggerty said…
The suppression of the Jesuits would be high on the list of any true pope's first holy duties (not Francis, the media's crowd-pleasing anti-pope).

Or rather, close down the order entirely in the United States - 'it stinketh' to use an old-fashioned phrase.
Make all the pseudo-Jesuit priests in the USA who enjoy such a comfortable and easy life, redundant.
The Church owes these phonies nothing.
The arch anti-priest James Martin, who says homosexuals should be allowed to kiss and fondle one another during Mass, will get himself a cameo role in the new 'Sex And The City' movie, playing himself.
He is a career narcissist and will fit the part perfectly.

Then begin again with a new Jesuit order dedicated to the principles of its austere and God-fearing Basque founder; call the order the Brothers of St. Ignatius Loyola; recruit priests in such a way as to exclude men who are German, Marxist, obscurantist, ecumenical, homosexual, Buddhist, modernist or wishy-washy liberal - they all belong with the Episcopalians.

See The Vortex - The Catholic Gay Civil War.
The Vortex - Secret Gay Operatives.
The Vortex - Fr. Martin is a Heretic.
Both on YouTube with Michael Voris.
viterbo said…
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viterbo said…
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viterbo said…
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viterbo said…
My 'gangsta' brother puts a lot of worth in Italian/Irish heritage - which translates as 'Roman'; a thing. Christ liberates us from such sh**. Meanwhile, VII antichrist globalists hate Catholicism, which is why they support the UN globalist agenda. BORING. Where is the Church? Where Her Priests? Novus Ordo card punchers and patched peeps are on the wrong side of reality.
Anonymous said…
viterbo said…
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