Our Lady of Victories, Pray for Us

Happy Sunday!

Happy Feast of Our Lady of Victories!

V is for Vigano!

V is for Victory!

(And it's my birthday, too!)


Tim said…
Happy Birthday!
Physiocrat said…
At first glance "Vigano" could be misread for "Viagra". I quite like the idea of Cardinal Viagra.
Left-footer said…
A very happy birthday to you, and many more! Sto lat!
Mary Kay said…
I wish you a very happy birthday! And I pray that all of us 'little people' counting our beads today and always, will finally see the end of this devastating occupation of the Holy City. May God bless you!
B flat said…
Lovely song.Thank you!
Belated best wishes for this new year in your life. May it bring you many joys and Graces, to help you overcome every obstacle and difficulty.