Sunday, 7 October 2018

Our Lady of Victories, Pray for Us

Happy Sunday!

Happy Feast of Our Lady of Victories!

V is for Vigano!

V is for Victory!

(And it's my birthday, too!)


Tim said...

Happy Birthday!

Physiocrat said...

At first glance "Vigano" could be misread for "Viagra". I quite like the idea of Cardinal Viagra.

Left-footer said...

A very happy birthday to you, and many more! Sto lat!

Mary Kay said...

I wish you a very happy birthday! And I pray that all of us 'little people' counting our beads today and always, will finally see the end of this devastating occupation of the Holy City. May God bless you!

B flat said...

Lovely song.Thank you!
Belated best wishes for this new year in your life. May it bring you many joys and Graces, to help you overcome every obstacle and difficulty.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Laurence and happy birthday!

Lynds said...

Belated birthday wishes. The blessings of God on you and your wife. May we persevere in the One True Unchangeable Holy Faith. May Our Lord protect us through the intercession of the Immaculate Conception in these most evil times when Rome has become the seat of the AntiChrist, the centre and head of the Great and Terrible Apostasy. Lord have mercy!

Anonymous said...

@ physiocrat...when I read your comment I thought for a moment that I was on Eccles website... LOL

Highland Cathedral said...

Another entry for your Book of Insults: Airport Bishops

Edward Palamar said...

You are part of a search and rescue for lost Catholics.

Regular updates to the countdown to the Day of the Lord by the sign of the Son of Man in Heaven at :

What to expect in the final days :

John Haggerty said...

Please watch on YouTube:

The Vortex - Sodomitic Filth (November 18 2018) from the Defender of the Faith Michael Voris, who is our present day Belloc and Chesterton.

The Truth About the Crisis in the Catholic Church, Vox Catholica, from Fr. Adam Purdy, who has a deep devotion to Mary Mother of Jesus.

John Haggerty said...

If I can recommend a third YouTube talk:

Vigano Flees Francis' Homosexual Cabal (What Catholics Believe) from Fr. William Jenkins.

Fr. Jenkins sees that behind the stinking moral evil in the Catholic Church today (particularly among the bad American priests and their badder bishops) lie the many false teachings of Vatican II under the papacy of John XXIII, the destructive changes to the Mass under the papacy of Paul VI, and the Trojan horse of Modernism as espoused by Francis, the crowd-pleasing pope who just wants to be loved.

All the hopes of my generation have led to this waking nightmare.
The Church lies in ruins.

Last year Glasgow's Roman Catholic Cathedral opened its doors to the Sri Chinmoy Choir.
The way that leads to salvation is now so wide, it seems, that mind-control cults and devil worshippers can share the same spiritual pilgrimage as Christians.
Vatican II declared that perfect union with God is possible apart from Jesus Christ.

Protestantism is not in such great shape either with the false 'Emerging Christianity' as espoused by the late Phyllis Tickle, a lay theologian with all the right academic qualifications and none of the depth of understanding of a Chesterton or CS Lewis.
She is what the Catholic Church is in for if women priests get in by the back door.

Watch John Piper a sound Biblical preacher (YouTube) on so-called Emerging Christianity.
This pagan New Age un-Christianity has seduced the Church of Scotland and the liberal Baptist churches.
If you quote the writings of Jim Packer they will tell you that he is old hat.
These people love the latest thing.

Satan always knows how to play us.
The 'new way of doing theology' turns out to be the old serpent of Gnosticism as Karl Barth said of Teilhard De Chardin.

John Haggerty said...

Strange to say I have not been able to find a Catholic critique of the late Phyllis Tickle since I posted the last comment.
The seriousness of her commitment cannot be doubted any more than her giddy charm.
Or the astonishingly personal way in which she addressed an auditorium.
Or her gift of illuminating a serious point with folksy humour.

Yet she sailed blithely ahead in profound error for all that.

The most outspoken critique I have been able to find is from the former priest and now Evangelical, Richard Bennett.
See: Catholic Mysticism and the Emerging Church Re-examined: Berean Call. (YouTube)

There are Reformed critiques of Phyllis Tickle online.

1) Emerging Church Heresy Growing - Pagan Practises and Sexual Sin Embraced (Mission
2) Phyllis Tickle/Discernit - The Emerging Female God.
3) The Great Emergence or a Great Deception? Be Careful of Phyllis Tickle's Teachings and Beliefs. By Kelly Powers. (Berean Perspective Apologetics and Evangelical Ministry)
4) Phyllis Tickle Against Reality. (Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely...)

All of us can see the stark heresies of the Jehovah Witnesses and the cults.
The more subtle heresies hardly seem like errors yet they mislead many.

Gnosticism is like the long twisting serpents that illustrated the Snakes and Ladders game children used to play ... they reappear down through the ages.
This was Karl Barth's warning.

John Haggerty said...

For a blatant example of New Age Catholicism watch:
Father Richard Rohr - the Cosmic Christ (Catholic Corner).

This Franciscan priest is closer to Madame Blavatsky (co-founder of the occult Theosophical Society) than he is to Saint Bernard.
What he says about our Lord is similar to what Blavatsky or Sri Chinmoy said.

Melbourne hosted the Parliament of World Religions in 2009.
Important issues such as poverty and global warming were addressed.

A friend told me that 'hard-line' Evangelicals, who were not present, came in for attack as 'Fundamentalists' - the new F word.
At the close of the conference Madame Blavatsky was applauded as the mother of ecumenicism.

Listen to The Emergent Church by D.A. Carson a sound Biblical theologian. YouTube.

John Haggerty said...

I should just add that Phyllis Tickle and Richard Rohr incline strongly towards neo-paganism, and at other times seem to pull back.
Rohr talks engagingly about Celtic Christianity and his retreat on the island of Iona.

Dr. Peter Jones being sound in doctrine is one of the best critics of Christian neo-paganism.
His books include 'Stolen Identity: The Conspiracy to Reinvent Jesus' and 'Spirit Wars: Pagan Revival in America'.
Dr Jones was born in Liverpool and was in the same class at school as John Lennon.
Read his online essay -The Cosmic Christ: Truth Xchange.

For other critiques of New Age (i.e. pagan) Christianity read online...
Richard Rohr. Is his teaching Biblical? Jane Krammer. Anglican Mainstream.
The Dangers of the Cosmic Christ by Bob Dewaay. Critical Commentary.

Edward Palamar said...

We have entered the "age to come" foretold by Jesus in Mark 10:30.

The Only Safe Space in the World

Virus normalcy, the so-called 'new normal', is for Christians almost certainly more abhorrent than it is for people of other reli...