It's not OK! World Exclusive

OK! interviewer: "So, Elton and David, how much do we owe you for this World Exclusive interview?"

Elton: "Oh, about £100,000 should do the trick."

David: "Gosh, there's a thought. Why stop at one? Make it £200,000."

OK! interviewer: "O wow! That's a whole new angle on the story! So you are saving up for another?"

Elton: "Write 'trying' for another...You know, this is even more exciting than when I bought Watford Football Club."

OK! interviewer: "Great interview, guys. So, I'll send you three copies in the post so you can keep them for the family album."

Elton: "Three copies?"

OK interviewer: "Yes. That's right. One copy for you, Elton, one copy for David and one copy for Zachary. When he's older I just know he'll want to read all about it. He'll be delighted when he finds out how he was born to gay celebrity dads who paid money up front for IVF to some random woman the other side of the globe and using the egg of another. 'I'm a special baby', he'll think. After all, you could snuff it and he'll need something to remember you by and, you know, he deserves to know about his roots..."


Left-footer said…
'Milton, thou should'st be living at this hour!' (Wordsworth)

I don't much like either of them as men, but what a field day Milton would have had with this story!
Paul Smeaton said…
I felt I should leave a proper comment after leaving the cheeky unrelated one with a link to my blog. Here goes: the devil's currency is lies and confusion. See my latest blog :-)
georgem said…
Little Zac is proving his worth already. Good thinking by his dads. He'll support them well into their old age.