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The Dark History of RU486

The origins of RU486 are eerie
Long post, this. I was surprised, when reading Wikipedia's entry for RU486that the drug was specifically designed for the purpose of killing human embryos. For some reason, I had thought that someone just discovered that the drug already existed and could be used for that purpose as well. Sadly, as people who know me well will concord, I can be naive at the best of times.

The 'abortion pill' was developed by Roussel Uclaf S.A and according to everyone's favourite online encyclipedia...

'This was the second largest French pharmaceutical company before it was acquired by Hoechst AG of Frankfurt, Germany in 1997, with pharmaceutical operations combined into the Hoechst Marion Roussel (HMR) division. Roussel Uclaf's agrochemical operations had been transferred to Hoechst Schering AgrEvo GmBh in 1994.
HMR subsequently merged in 1999 with Rhône-Poulenc to form Aventis, which then merged in 2004 with Sanofi-Synthélabo to form Sanofi-Aventis. Hoechst Schering AgrEvo merged in 1999 with Rhône-Poulenc's agrochemical division to form Aventis CropScience, which was acquired by Bayer AG in 2002 and combined with Bayer's agrochemical division to form Bayer CropScience.'

Gosh. It can really be quite hard keeping up with the mergers, buy outs and dealings of multi-national pharmaceutical chains. Wikipedia continues...

In April 1980, as part of a formal research project at Roussel-Uclaf for the development of glucocorticoid receptor antagonists, chemist Georges Teutsch synthesized mifepristone (RU-38486, the 38,486th compound synthesized by Roussel-Uclaf from 1949 to 1980; shortened to RU-486); which was discovered to also be a progesterone receptor antagonist. In October 1981, endocrinologist Étienne-Émile Baulieu, a consultant to Roussel-Uclaf, arranged tests of its use for medical abortion in eleven women in Switzerland by gynecologist Walter Herrmann at the University of Geneva's Cantonal Hospital, with successful results announced on April 19, 1982. On October 9, 1987, following worldwide clinical trials in 20,000 women of mifepristone with a prostaglandin analogue (initially sulprostone or gemeprost, later misoprostol) for medical abortion, Roussel-Uclaf sought approval in France for their use for medical abortion, with approval announced on September 23, 1988.
On October 21, 1988, in response to anti-abortion protests and concerns of majority (54.5%) owner Hoechst AG of Germany, Roussel-Uclaf’s executives and board of directors voted 16 to 4 to stop distribution of mifepristone, which they announced on October 26, 1988. Two days later, the French government ordered Roussel-Uclaf to distribute mifepristone in the interests of public health. French Health Minister Claude Évin explained that...
Claude Evin: Health Minister

"I could not permit the abortion debate to deprive women of a product that represents medical progress. From the moment Government approval for the drug was granted, RU-486 became the moral property of women, not just the property of a drug company." 

Wow, some men are real feminists. Or are they? Hub Pages suggests there was more to his decision than deep concern for women's moral rights over their bodies. For example, 'members of the World Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology announced that they might boycott Roussel Uclaf if it did not make RU-486 available.' We can't have that, now can we?

Following use by 34,000 women in France from April 1988 to February 1990 of mifepristone distributed free of charge, Roussel-Uclaf began selling Mifegyne (mifepristone) to hospitals in France in February 1990 at a price (negotiated with the French government) of $48 per 600 mg dose.
Mifegyne was subsequently approved in Great Britain on July 1, 1991, and in Sweden in September 1992, but until his retirement in late April 1994, Hoechst AG chairman Wolfgang Hilger, a devout Roman Catholic, blocked any further expansion in availability.

Oh dear! That rather reminds me of the Oppenheimer guy who developed the atomic bomb and who then said, "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." A 'devout Roman Catholic' was instrumental in developing the abortion pill! "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of wombs." Anyway, now we get to the really interesting part...

On May 16, 1994, Roussel-Uclaf announced that it was donating without remuneration all rights for medical uses of mifepristone in the U.S. to the Population Council, which subsequently licensed mifepristone to Danco Laboratories [No website for these guys!], a new single-product company immune to anti-abortion boycotts, which won FDA approval as Mifeprex on September 28, 2000.
On April 8, 1997, after buying the remaining 43.5% of Roussel-Uclaf stock in early 1997, Hoechst AG ($30 billion annual revenue) announced the end of its manufacture and sale of Mifegyne ($3.44 million annual revenue) and the transfer of all rights for medical uses of mifepristone outside of the U.S. to Exelgyn S.A [No website for these guys either!], a new single-product company immune to anti-abortion boycotts, whose CEO was former Roussel-Uclaf CEO Édouard Sakiz. In 1999, Exelgyn won approval of Mifegyne in 11 additional countries, and in 28 more countries over the following decade [which takes us up to about now].
John D Rockefeller: Founder of the Population Council
Now, bear with me. A couple of facts leap out of that information. Firstly, that the Population Council was given 'all rights' for medical uses of mifepristone with no questions or money asked and that, secondly, the manufacturers became single product companies immune to anti-abortion boycotts. How very shrewd!

An additional fact is that all rights were given to the Population Council by Roussel- Uclaf 'in exchange for immunity from any product liability claims'. Gosh. Why would there be any 'product liability claims' from this great product securing 'reproductive freedom' for women, with a success rate of 96%? "We'll just forget about the 4% failure rate of botched abortions because, well, frankly, we can, because we answer to nobody!"

The Population Council was founded by one John D. Rockefeller [Pictured above right. Do not look into his eyes. He may be dead, but he probably still hates your guts.] along with Frederick Osbourne, the ex-President of the American Eugenics Society. Two principal goals of the Population Council have, over many years, remained unchanged. The first is to convince government leaders in poor nations that they have a serious population problem. The second goal is to convince these same leaders that the 'solution' to this problem can be achieved through Council aided and approved population control.

Are we to seriously believe, then, in the light of this information, that the 'abortion pill' was just stumbled upon 'accidentally' in an obscure laboratory in France and that it just so happened to make it into the hands of the Population Council years later and that this Council just so happens to supply it to poor nations and poor, often black peoples in the West, as demonstrated by the far higher rate of abortions in NYC in the non-hispanic black community? What an amazing co-incidence!

Billionaire investor George Soros
Yep. When it comes to 'philanthropic' billionaires, one thing is clear - that for all their generosity in dishing out money to 'charitable' causes, they appear to want a healthy number of dead babies in return. As the website, Nice Deb, makes categorically clear, the wealthiest men in the World, the powers behind the 'thrones' of Governments around the World are nothing short of Hitlerian mass murderers because you can take Hitler's efforts at genocide and multiply it by, well, you do the sums.

In fact, whether you take your pick out of Warren Buffet, David Rockefeller Jnr, George Soros, Ted Turner or Bill Gates (thanks for the internet, scumbag), you'll still find a rich white man who goes to bed dreaming of dead, poor, usually black, babies.

Therefore, we can finally put to bed the outright diabolical lie that RU486 was developed with the best interests of women at heart. It has certainly been sold to women as a liberating product that allows them to forget about that baby, nip down the clinic and move on to enjoy life, but the actual reason for its manufacture and distribution, in origin and outcome, is now as eugenic an agenda as ever it was. Oh, and can you guess which country first approved RU486 having failed to buy it from Roussel-Uclaf? You got it! China!

Let us be clear. If you are a woman reading this then who is thinking of flushing out your unborn baby, just remember that the makers of this product do not care about you, they just want less of you. RU486 is not just the original name of the pill that BPAS would like to give women to take 'in the comfort of their own homes'. RU486 amounts to chemical warfare against entire populations of people around the globe and the really sick thing is that the 'philanthropic' billionaires of this World actually succeeded, through feminist propaganda, in getting women to use this chemical warfare on their own bodies and on their own unborn children!

Timeline of approvals of Mifepristone/RU486 by countries:

China 1988; France 1989; United Kingdom 1991; Sweden 1992; Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Israel 1999; Norway, Russia, Ukraine 2000; Serbia and Montenegro, South Africa, Tunisia 2001; Belarus, Latvia, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan 2002; Estonia 2003; Guyana, Moldova in 2004; Albania, Mongolia, Hungary 2005; Portugal, Armenia 2007; Romania 2008; Italy 2009; Hungary 2005; Australia 2006 having been banned in 1996

Mifepristone is not approved in Ireland, where abortion is illegal, or Poland, where abortion is highly restricted. Fascinatingly, only two African countries, South Africa and Tunisia, have approved the drug. Perhaps the Africans have worked out what the real agenda of the UN 'Millennium Development Goals' really is, because the World Health Organisation kindly informs us that 'Target 5.B' of the goals is to: 'Achieve, by 2015, universal access to reproductive health'. That'll be RU486, then! When will we learn that it isn't poverty that the WHO and the UN want to eradicate. It's poor people! Cry freedom! Here is the Population Council President, Peter Donaldson, another American, discussing the work of the Population Council today. Isn't he just so caring? "Reproductive health and well-being of future generations"? Is he, by any chance, alluding to abortion and contraception for black people?

The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute have detailed research documents detailing the nefarious work of the Population Council, the institution described by Matthew Connelly as, 'the nexus of the entire population control movement, going on to coordinate the work of the United Nations, the Ford and Rockefeller foundations, the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) - founded three weeks later - as well as major pharmaceutical firms'. Follow the money and find out just who has been and who is pulling the strings...


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Isn't 486ing a slang term for "bumping off"?

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Excellent post; thanks.


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A necessary post.Your post and articles highlighting the evils of Roussel Uclaf and the RU486 need to be given great publicity, and these companies boycotted. Bad publicity will cost them money but above all save lives and souls.

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