On Bashing of an Episcopal Nature...

Well, that was the year that was. It was 2010, a year that will be remembered as the year in which these isles were graced by the presence of the Successor of St Peter, Pope Benedict XVI. Sadly, and more sadly amid times of the harsh persecution of the Most Holy Faith in other parts of the globe, due to all manner of political events and non-political events, it was perhaps also the year in which the Catholic blog-o-sphere seemed to finally lose patience with the Bishops of England and Wales and make vocal what many have felt for a long time - a great deal of frustration at Shepherds who wander off and leave their sheep, often little lambs, alone in the midst of wolves.

I am sure others will join me in hoping and praying that 2011 is a year in which there is a new Pentecost and the Holy Spirit will 'descend like the dewfall' and sets on fire the hearts of our Bishops to preach the Gospel without reservation and without fear, even if it means unpopularity with secular authorities and the World. I hope and pray that our Bishops fight for Christ and His Gospel and for souls, that they are resolute in their defence of the Faith and the discharge of the duties of their high and esteemed Office, for while respect and loyalty to their Office is incumbent upon all of us, admiration and deep affection is something that has to be earned.

We must pray for them, that they will guard and defend the Bride of Christ, regardless of their own reputations among those who are the enemies of Holy Mother Church and that they will pay a special heed to the words of Pope Benedict XVI, who on his visit here asked for them to be 'generous' in the implementation of the new Ordinariate and to recall His Holiness's earlier appeal for them to be 'generous' in implementing Summorum Pontificum. Above all, we must pray for good and holy Bishops, who will put the Catholic blogging Laity, joyfully, back in their place, because in all sincerity, it is only good and holy Bishops who could now possibly do that and restore the confidence of the Faithful, Priests and Laity, who sincerely desire the restoration of the Church.

There are some who believe that Catholic bloggers find Bishop-bashing to be something of a sport, a hobby, a pastime, something to do to amuse yourself when other people leave the house and you're sitting at home twiddling your thumbs. I expect that for only a very small minority that this is the case. While we would be only too pleased to see your backs, my Lords, may it never be said that we would be glad to see the back of you! The vast majority of Catholic bloggers wish only for Bishops to defend the Church, Christ and His Gospel, so that we may all 'turn towards the Lord', face East, if you will, with the Holy Father, the Bishops and the Priests leading us all in prayer towards Christ, the Light of the nations, the Light of the World, the Light that enlightens every man!

Pray for good and holy Priests. Pray for even holier Bishops!


Anonymous said…
I think it was Fr. Z who made a comment about how 'traditional' Catholics can be immensely loyal to a Bishop, perhaps even more so than those who only ever attend the novus ordo, once they sense that he recognises them as part of his flock and takes them under his protection.
Richard Collins said…
These 'aisles' were graced, also Laurence :)