"You Don't Have to Be Gay to Teach Here, But It Helps!"

An absurdly crude stereotype of of the homosexual culture
"Hi, kids! So, today we're teaching maths. Look. I've got here with me two friends. Now, who can tell me, if I have sex with these two men consistently over a lifetime, how many children will result from these encounters?"

The Telegraph today reports that....

'Children are to be taught about homosexuality in maths, geography and science lessons as part of a Government-backed drive to "celebrate the gay community".

The mind boggles. Gay maths? Gay geography? Gay science? How the? What the? For more information on the section of the Stonewall website entitled, ahem, 'What We Do...At Schools', click here.


sanabituranima said…

That was me dealing with my emotions by keyboard-punching.
Mike said…
The number of homosexuals in the UK is estimated to be about 2% of the population. That works out at 1,200,000. The number of Catholics is put at 6 million whish is five times the number of homosexuals. So if we can have an LGBT Month then it follows that it would be at least equally reasonable to have a Catholic Month. Here are some suggestions for lessons for Catholic Month

Maths – teaching statistics through census findings about the number of Catholics in the population, and using Catholic characters in scenarios for Maths problems;
Design and technology – encouraging pupils to make symbols linked to the Catholic Church;
Science –staging class discussions on different family structures, to show how children do best when raised in traditional families;
Geography – examining the transformation of British cities such as Liverpool and Glasgow into areas with a strong Roman Catholic presence and considering why Irish Catholics moved from Ireland to Britain;
Languages – using Catholic characters in role play scenarios, and teaching "Catholic vocabulary".
georgem said…
When I googled "gay lessons" thinking I'd get more info on the topic, the most revolting websites came up. I discovered I was only on moderate filtering (default) in the search setting.
The summaries are enough to see what they are about, ie the corruption of young boys.
Any child of non-vigilant parents might happen across these sites so "gay lessons" in schools would hardly be necessary.
Needless to say, I have now changed the search filter to the strongest setting.
The plea for tolerance, then acceptance, has quickly morphed into proselytising.
What now follows appears to be persecution.
The Christian B&B couple who lost their case are receiving unpleasant phone calls from gays, some even calling Mr. Bull in hospital where he is recovering from a heart operation.
And now a second B&B couple are about to be sued for the same offence.
LarryD said…
"Gay geography"? I guess that puts a new spin on "Merry Old England", doesn't it.
Aaron said…
@ Mike, who wrote "The number of Catholics is put at 6 million whish is five times the number of homosexuals."

Sorry: but the estimation of 6 million baptisms on the Catholic register is not quite comparable to the 2% of the population that have a genetic sexual predisposition.