Foot Massager

Well, my days of paying hundreds of pounds a year for foot massages at the local foot masseurs are well and truly over. I found this delightful wooden foot massager at the open market for just 50p.

I can't put this on my Catholic Store blog, unless I fabricate a story about how this is the foot massager used for bizarre penitential practises by St Josemaria Escriva.

Business is slow and it looks like just 2 days into my life as a self-made Catholic objects for piety merchant, there has been a drop in sales from no sales to even fewer sales. This isn't a want, it's a need!

Still...there's no way I'm selling this.


Richard Collins said…
What you have there is a Tibetan back scratcher!
How does one go about using it for that purpose?
You sound enthused, Richard. It's yours for a thousand pounds.
pelerin said…
I think it's an abacus! I don't see how you could use that as a back scratcher. I have a chinese back scratcher (at least it says Made in China on it!) and it does not look like that at all but serves its purpose well.
Keep up the good work Laurence - you manage to strike a good balance on your blog.
Richard Collins said…
Sorry Laurence, I already have one.
I can't use it as the instructions are in Tibetan.

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