The Bone's Catholic Store on Ebay

I've set up an Ebay account and am in the process of putting stuff for sale from the Catholic Store on. If there is anything you want let me know and I can stick it up as a priority for you to buy. This means that even if you're in Azerbaijan, you can buy stuff off my blog on Paypal!

Today, I am going to Snoopers Paradise to see if I can strike a deal with one of the stall holders there to put her religious stuff on my Catholic Store. I'm hoping to film some of the stuff she has for sale and put it up on the blog.


shadowlands said…
If you ever see the book "90 common questions about the Catholic faith" (seriously, it brought me back to the faith!)I would be (possibly) eternally grateful.
God bless!
shadowlands said…
Thankyou!! God bless again.
Anonymous said…
Do you sell 'Bones' china! Can resist a pun.