"God hates..."

God 'hates' gays, abortionists, shrimp, figs and Catholics...
Catholics, apparently! I met a lady after Mass today who is really rather poor. By co-incidence she told me that she recently went to Montpelier Baptist Church, on a Wednesday evening, because she is living on the breadline and needed some food. Say a prayer for her mother who is gravely ill.

Apparently, when the pastor found out she was Catholic, due to his enthusiastic embracing of what can only be some kind of equal opportunity scheme in the distribution of Christian charity, he told her she shouldn't really come to the Baptist Church for food because, er, she's a Catholic!

I guess, what with being a Catholic, she is already a "lost sheep" in the eyes of pastor Stephen, ensnared, as she is, in Popish superstition, sacramental folly and abject rejection of sola scriptura theology. He indicated to her that because she doesn't go to the Baptist church, she shouldn't come for food. If, by some Miracle, I am allowed back in this Wednesday, I'll gladly point out to him that, as far as I am aware, none of the homeless and poor of Brighton go to attend Sunday services at the Baptist church, so why pick on just the Catholics?

After all, shouldn't he be thanking us since it was the Catholic Church that compiled and translated the Bible from the original Hebrew, then Greek, then Latin or whatever? No Catholic Church = no Bible = no Baptist church = no pastor Steve! It's simple maths! In this week of Prayer for Christian Unity, it only seems fitting to remind him of Christ's proclamation of the Kingdom of Heaven to the Poor and that true Christian unity is to be found in God's One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. I'll give the lady in question a bell this week and see if she fancies praying the Rosary in the corner of the room while pastor Stephen gives his biblically-based exegesis on why God sends all Catholics to Hell, or pick him up on any erroneous doctrines that result from his Bible study.


Lorraine said…
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I thought the point of the article was to say that God doesn't hate any group of people. God loves everyone and some Baptists don't seem to quite get this.
Lorraine said…
I obviously didn't read the whole article. Sorry! I was defending the Catholics and gays. Although I don't agree with you about the Catholics translating the Bible from Hebrew to Latin. I just saw a TV show about that.. That was translated already before the Catholic church came into existence. Too and Constantine and his religious buddys decided which books and leave out of the Bible. He had a lot of nerve doing that. A Greek scholar did that!
Peter Lewes said…
The Catholic Church were not responsible for the bible - Ethiopian and North African Christians produced vernacular bibles about 200 years before the Romans had any interest in it. The Jewish groups of course preserved their own records, and these could readily have been translated out of Hebrew at any time by multi-lingual scholars. The Koine Greek bible could have been read by the Greeks, and is still used in the Orthodox Church, along with later Slavonic translations.

'The bible' was not compiled by the RCC either - there is no 'bible' as a single document, there are many variations on a limited set of recognised texts. The RCC made a somewhat arbitrary selection and then translated (and sometimes mis-translated) portions of these into Latin
Physiocrat said…
If you are a bible-believing Christian, what are you to make of John 6?