Selling Blessed Objects

A reader pointed out to me that it is a sin to sell blessed objects. If the Catholic Store takes off and I sell on blessed objects then remember that what you are actually buying is this postcard of St Mary Magdalen's Church. The item that comes with it which is blessed is something that comes for free. So remember whether you are spending £2.50 or £49.99, you are buying this postcard of the Church, if the object I am selling is blessed.

I know this is alright because I went to an Abbey once where this is more or less what they did with Rosaries blessed by the Holy Father.

Seriously, I need advice on this, since simony is a serious sin. Any objects which we know are blessed should not really be sold. Perhaps I can ask for the cost of the postage to send the object on, as a service to the Catholic community, rather than making any profit out of it, for things like Rosaries. Only one of the objects posted so far, I know to be blessed. I'll remove the price tag for now, on Our Lady of Montserrat.

Nice postcard isn't it? Looks quite good in black and white too, when scanned in.


Richard Collins said…
Nice one Laurence. But I don't think that you have to worry. I think it is only relics or sacred articles such as blessed tabernacles and chalices that it applies to.
A. Priest said…
Anything sold loses its blessing or consecration, it needs to be blessed again, a simple procedure.

It is not a sin to sell something which has been blessed.

It is possible for article to be blessed a multiple number of times particularly when it comes into the hands of some new.
Polycratus said…
Be careful here - you know what you're doing is a sin, don't become like the modern relativists by twisting language and trying to convince yourself (and customers) that they are buying the same item (a post-card) though of varying value. This variation is, of course, tied to the other item you are making a profit off. Furthermore, you are leading others (buyer and sellers) into the mouth of Hell. The Holy Mother Church has spoken, you should have the strength of will not to violate her commands
Gosh...opinion appears divided already!
Dev Thakur said…
Where do all these people get their ideas?

I *know* selling a blessed object is not a sin, because if it were it would be mentioned somewhere for the faithful to know this. This "sin" is not mentioned in the Catechism anywhere.

I have heard from many others that if a blessed object is sold, it simply loses its blessing, and can be re-blessed.

Other things you can do besides charging for the postcard: you can ask for a donation, separate but proportionate to the value of the object. You can also chart for labor / postage / maintenance. All legitimate.

If someone (Polycratus, ahem) really wants to give you are stern sermon about this supposed "sin", let him provide the evidence!
Wow, this is something I did not know. Does that mean that say a Rosary you buy at a Catholic bookstore is not blessed, and if it says it has been blessed that it needs to be re-blessed?

Insteresting... and although I dont know, I am trying to analytically think why it would be a SIN to sell a blessed item... sans relics....
Richard Collins said…
Defend us in Battle - of course, all holy items require a blessing, otherwise you might be guilty of image or idol worship.
It is a sin to sell relics because they are holy and it would be inappropriate to make a profit from a sacred relic or object such as a chalice. It would encourage the impious to falsify objects such as fragments of the True Cross for pecuniary purposes.
Anonymous said…
I believe the usual practice is for the item in question to be sold and paid for first, after which it is blessed "for free". If you look on ebay, you'll find that the monks of Saint Leo's Abbey in Florida sell medals, which are (after the sale) blessed and sent to the buyer.
nikki blinston said…
God bless you all. In reading the posts I realise how misguided we are as people. I have to pose the thought ...God is love Himself. He wishes only love unto us. Scruples on the other hand are there to confuse us and frighten us. Remember a sin is only a sin if you are aware of it. My thoughts on selling blessed items.....depending on what it is of course...I wouldn't. Having said that I have sold blessed houses in the past and I believe the blessing has remained as I have never asked for it to be taken away. People of God be guided by the Holy Spirit as a universal church in the heart of Christ we are free of this world. Never condem another to hell never judge another to be sinful. In doing this our sin is the greater. Be convicted in prayer be guided by the Holy Spirit. Our blessed Mother, the Holy Trinity and the angels will teach us. God bless you all.