"This Time Next Year Wodney..."

I took a trip to the beach with the lady the other day and we stumbled across 'Millionnaire's Row', a series of private beach apartments said to house such celebrities as Norman Cook (AKA, Fat Boy Slim), Paul McCartney and maybe gothic blues rocker Nick Cave of dueting with Kylie fame. Great song, but pretty dark!

It is private property so I took this picture. Then, I saw a breach between the sea and the metal gates and walked in and had a look around hoping to find Norman Cook, Paul McCartney and Nick Cave all having a cup of tea together. Unfortunatley, I only saw the back of Fat Boy Slim's house and saw that he has loads of pictures of himself near his kitchen. He's clearly one of his biggest fans.

I'd like one day to see if we can get a small group of people together dressed in rags to go and cadge some money off him and Paul McCartney for the Building Restoration Fund since it is likely these millionaire popstars will take pity on the poor.

Meanwhile, back in the real World, it turns out today that according to new estimates, 1 in 4 adults are out of work in the UK, so if things keep going as they are, the BNP are sure to get a seat in the House of Commons come election time and who knows, maybe a cabinet position in a pre-Nazi Germany coalition government type scenario, before Nick Griffin rises meteorically to the top and gasses the racially 'impure', disabled, gays, lesbians, traffic wardens, Jews, Muslims, Catholics and nearly everyone.

I had some good news today. I'm doing a gardening job tomorrow and it looks like it is regular. The season of gardening is upon us and my fiance, I and maybe a couple extra forming 'England's Gardens,' are ready to turn your garden back into Eden. I'm Adam, she's Eve and we want to prune your apple tree.

£10 an hour. If you live in Brighton or the surrounding area and need your garden maintained this spring/summer, then click here for my gardening blog and email me at englandsgardens@googlemail.com if you are interested. If you live in the USA or Japan, I'm sorry, I can't travel that far...


JamesP said…
I think you mean "If you live in the USA or Japan, postage may be very expensive..."
Crux Fidelis said…
Couldn't those plutocrats have picked somewhere nicer than Brighton? It's hardly Malibu. It doesn't even have sand.
Anonymous said…
Did you get the gardening contract?

Hope all went well.
Yes, thanks! And its regular!
Anonymous said…
Excellent. Well done - I cannot think of more satisfying or productive work than gardening - very conductive to quiet contemplation as well.

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