Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Take the Single Global Currency Association Poll!

There's a website for the 'Single Global Currency Association,' an association which advocates the scrapping of the dollar (You really want to get rid of the 'In God We Trust' bit on the dollar, don't you? Understandable. I kind of always doubted the Federal Reserve's sincerity on that one!) and the introduction of a new global currency.

They are based in, wait for it, Newcastle, ME (Is that Memphis?) USA! Hah! Would you credit it?! Talk about dismantling the currency from the inside! You can visit their website and take the poll questioned, 'Would you strongly favor, somewhat favor, somewhat oppose, or strongly oppose a single global currency, where all the people of the world would use the same money?'

Crikey! This global currency malarky is fishier than the contents of my fish tank. What is even more fishy is that financial guru and huge financial profit, George Soros, the guy who made a windfall on the back of the 'Lamontable' UK recession of the Major years, called for this in his book, 'The Alchemy of Finance' in 1987.
Exchange rate misalignments have become a major source of disruption for the world economy.... The question is: what can be done about it?...Or most daring of all, we could establish an international currency". (p. 328) (I say! What a spiffing idea!)

"The question is whether our government has the foresight, and our people the will, to accept the discipline that an international currency would impose." (p. 339) (Well, let's wait until a worldwide economic crisis and let's see how people feel then, be patient, George, be patient!)
"We cannot have a smoothly functioning international economy without a stable international currency." (p. 358) (Uh-huh, so we've gathered you are keen on the idea...)

"We desperately need an international currency system that is not based on the dollar...The ideal solution would be a genuine international currency, issued and controlled by a genuine international bank.... The idea of an international currency and an international bank has few supporters...." (p. 359) (Still, keep hoping George because your dreams could just come true...Honestly! Its amazing how regularly he is right in his global economic predictions/aspirations, isn't it?! Anyone would have thought he was whispering his ideas regularly in the ears of elected world leaders! Soros also takes an unhealthy interest in population 'control'. See this link).


Physiocrat said...

I can assure you, this makes no sense from the point of view of economics. Who would issue this "currency"? Who would control its creation by banks through the issuing of credit? Who would set interest rates? Who would act as central banker? How would people be forced to accept it?

Incidentally the Euro makes no sense either and is unlikely to survive in the long term. You cannot have a currency common to different sovereign states. By definition, they are no longer sovereign.

Physiocrat said...

I looked at the site. There is a massive majority against the proposal. You can follow a link and look at the sample coins. They look like the kind of thing they used to give at at petrol stations, with portraits of footballers on. But the design is inappropriate anyway, the series should have various diabolic emblems.

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