Sunday, 27 September 2009

Scary Barry Obama Dream...

I had a weird dream last night. I'm not really into looking too closely into nocturnal phantasms of the mind, unless they're evidence of a guilty conscience. But, just for once, I'll post it.

I'm in the White House with Barry Obama and I have a glass of wine in my hand and we're chatting. At some point when we're talking the subject of a New World Order comes up. And he says to me;

"Well, there are some benefits to a New World Order. For example, everyone cheers the leader."

I say, "Are you out of your mind, Mr Obama?! What you are talking about President Obama is a Cult of Personality. We've seen it all before. Hitler, Stalin, how many were left dead? 5 million? 6 million?"

At that point, my friend Henry comes along and puts a small Masonic symbol into my wine glass when the President isn't looking, and winks at me, as if to say that it is evidence that the President is involved in a vast Masonic global conspiracy to forge a New World Order under his headship!

Aaaaaghhh! Nightmare! And then I woke up...I must be some kind of visionary or something! I'm going to lay in bed all day and get hoards of followers to be by my bedside, start up a tourism trade, get a load of gold Crosses in etc. Nevermind that I'm a profligate sinner with about as much claim to visionary holiness as my fish.

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