Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Peter Tatchell Comes Out Fighting...

...and he doesn't care who gets hurt.

David Lindsay has posted an interesting riposte to Peter Tatchell's call for a lowering of the age of consent to 14.

Peter Tatchell is a militant homosexual. He is an advocate and promoter of homosexuality. He is a political homosexual, some would say a political 'animal'. Infact, as a 'human rights campaigner' his entire public career has been defined by promoting homosexuality and its practise as a human rights campaign. Anyone who disagrees with Mr Tatchell on his position, to him, is a fascist. As far as he is concerned, UK laws on homosexuality will never go far enough and must be relaxed as much as possible lest people become criminalised on account of their actions. His organisations and political efforts were demonstrable in the lowering of the age of consent for homosexuals and doubtless, too, for UK civil partnerships.

But, as self-appointed 'human rights leader' Tatchell has not stopped there. No. He now campaigns to lower the age of consent for sexual intercourse to 14. That's right 14. His reasons? Well, having listened to him on the radio the other day it appears that once more he sees the great punishment of illegality as criminalisation. 14 year olds are having sex, he says, and he is doubtless quite right, so why criminalise them for having sexual intercourse?

Well that is rather painting the situation black. Laws, just like laws against assisted suicide which people wish to see swept away, are there to protect individuals, rather than punish them. Teenagers are vulnerable to predators, just like the elderly are vulnerable to people taking advantage of them and encourage them to die. Yet, people like Tatchell cannot see this. Every law is about restriction on human freedom, rather than the protection of the innocent, and just like assisted suicide the law on the age of consent is open to abuse along with the children who could become its victims - the victims of coersion, abuse and sexual overtures from others for experiences of which they are not yet physically, emotionally or spirtually ready.

I am assuming that when sex education, for instance, is taught in schools that teachers state categorically (even while filling children's minds with erotic imagery and condoms) that the legal age of consent is 16, so that, should they choose to have sex with someone they are committing a criminal offense. This also protects the young from older sexual predators who wish to have their way with younger girls, or even, as seen recently from the public case of a teacher, young boys. It does not take too much imagination to realise that when or if the age of consent is lowered to 14, that the last legal protection of children who have only just got used to their changing bodies will have been swept aside. Suddenly, its a sexual free-for-all and even though 14 year olds are almost certainly at it, a lifting of the law will give the teenagers not discouragement, but encouragement towards sex - which is incredible, when the Government keeps telling people that it wants to reduce the number of underage pregnancies and STIs which teenagers are contracting.

And what is at the root of this. Tatchell is still, primarily, a homosexual human rights campaigner. Once the age of consent is lowered to 14, he will then, no doubt, be aiming at lowering the age of consent for homosexuals to 14 as well. The State legitimising the sodomy of teenage boys? Well, you can say what you like about various scandals which have infected Holy Mother Church, but such a move would perhaps define much of the abuse that hampered the US church, and destroyed the innocence and lives of so many pubescent boys, as the law of the Land.

How many young, 16 year old boys have already fallen victim to older sexual predators? How many teenage boys have fallen into a life of male prostitution, simply because the law has allowed it? How many teenage boys have fallen into a life of being used and abused to make pornography films, simply because the law, by default of the age of consent, allowed it? How many teenage boys and girls does the law, because of a lack of concern, no longer protects them from the advances of those with only wicked intent. I don't know, but I'll bet Peter Tatchell doesn't know either and what is more, he has not the time, nor inclination to think of it or care.

Then he takes his homosexual agenda to east european countries, which are predominately Catholic and is aghast when the people of that country vociferously tell him and his campaigners to get out and stay out. Some of these people will be 'homophobes' but I expect the great majority do not want his anti-life agenda foisted on them by him and they don't want their children to be brought up in the same culture as the UK, a culture which now sees sex as totally divorced from marriage, procreation and the institution of the family. Tatchell asks for respect for him and his agenda, yet he does not respect the culture of the places where he propagates his message. That culture, in Eastern Europe, is largely Catholic and maybe that is what he really does not like.

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