Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Tablet Embraces the Traditional Latin Mass!

You've got to be taking The Tablet! Or is that taking the Mickens?! Well, of course they probably are. The Tablet embraced the Traditional Latin Mass for all of 45 minutes and then instead of saying, "Twist", the publication decided to say "Stick" and play safe, grabbing the nearest copy of Celebrational Hymns Old and New (but mostly new) that they could. Well, they probably meant "Stick it up your..."

Bobby Mickens has come in for more scorn from Damian Thompson, having penned a not-very-in-depth reflection of his first ever full Traditional Latin Mass in The Tablet this month. It is a shame that Bobby felt that he just couldn't get into it and felt confused by the rubrics but I would urge him not to give up entirely on the Mass that has been celebrated down the ages. If it was good enough for the most holy Saints venerated by Holy Mother Church, Bobby, it might just be good enough for you, and let's face it Bro, none of them became Saints without periods of dryness, confusion, doubt, sadness, pain, discouragement or even "dizzyness". It wasn't all ecstacy and it is perhaps in the fact that they didn't resort to the artificial 'joy' of 'Shine Jesus Shine' that Our Lord was able to truly shine in them. The Lord asks only that we perservere in truly seeking Him.

Anyway, it is a shame for Bobby since the richness of the Traditional Latin Mass is, undoubtedly, in what he feels are its weaknesses. It is perhaps in the not knowing, or the 'Unknowing', the Mystery, the Grace and the solemnity of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass itself that we can find a God who we can know. Furthermore, the strength of the TLM is that it encourages us to know God on His terms, rather than ours. Perhaps the Latin Mass helps us to know God as He is rather than Who we think He is or even Who we would like Him to be.

Call me a purist, but then God is Pure and the TLM reflects this. The Traditonal Latin Mass, from my experience of it, far from adding a great deal, appears to benefit from having so much additional baggage removed and stripped away, revealing the Gem at the heart of it - the Most Holy Eucharist. The movement from each stage of the Mass is fluid and graceful, what with the Sign of Peace being removed, while the Priest doesn't have to stop and start when the liturgical music comes in and is able to get on with being a Priest and celebrating the Mass. Rightly, he describes the music he experienced at a church in Rome as aiding 'meditation'. This is indeed a positive and the music, at its best, is meant to aid not just meditation but lead the Faithful into contemplation, not of ourselves, but of God.

Unfortunately, all of this is not to everyone's taste and at the end of the day some people are going to prefer a more comfortable ride. Still, Bobby, remember that the Holy Father has made this Mass and a return to Tradition, the rich and deep roots of the Church, a priority in his Pontificate. As such an influential journalist and thinker working for a Catholic magazine, I would suggest that you be open-minded about what the Holy Father is saying, if not for yourself, then for your readers, lest your publication be accused once more of flying in the face of the wishes of the Successor of St Peter. Otherwise some would worry that the Treasures of the Church being given so graciously to you and your Tablet colleagues are like throwing pearls before...

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Papal Nuncio said...

Utter tripe from a complete twat!

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