Friday, 18 September 2009

Red Arrows Fly Over Brighton! Go on Boys!

Nearly forgot to mention! The Red Arrows flew over my head today leaving behind them a trail of red, white and blue smoke. There is an 'extreme sports' festival going on at the beach today. Aren't they wonderful!? Those boys make me feel proud to be British! Seeing them soar over your head with the colourful smoke just makes you want to get off your behind and go and invade a foreign power for Queen and country, for England, for Harry and St George! I'm off down the army office to sign up. If you don't hear from me again then know that over in Afghanistan doing good, helping to rig elections and protecting an embryonic democracy with such laws as licit marital rape. Go on boys! Incredible to think that St Joseph of Cupertino didn't even need a plane!

1 comment:

pelerin said...

So that's what the noise was! I thought for a moment war had been declared and we were being invaded.

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