Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Peter to Enter the 'Three Lions' Den

"What?! England?! Are you having a laugh!?"

Pope Benedict XVI must feel as happy about coming to England, the 'Three Lions Den' as St Peter was about being told by Christ to go back to Rome along the Appian Way. Perhaps the Three Lions now represent Atheism, the Culture of Death and Anti-Catholicism.

I fear that the Holy Father may face protests on a large scale, such is the secular, atheistic outrage in the UK towards the 'scandal' of the Successor of St Peter. For evidence of it, click here and look at Tanya Gold's Guardian article on the visit and some of the comments below. I hope that the Holy Father's words are not drowned out by the hoardes of men and women who scream the same sort of diabolical diatribes that were shouted when Nero condemned St Peter to being crucified for the love of Christ.


Physiocrat said...

Elak häxa. Gud straff England.

pelerin said...

Ian Paisley organised small protests during the visit of Pope John Paul 11 to Britain. However it was well policed and I don't think there was much disruption.

The story I like is of Mr Paisley brandishing a placard saying something like 'Those blessed by the Pope will go to hell!' When the Holy Father reached him he turned and blessed him!!

The newspaper's comments linked from the blog are as vitriolic as those following an article on St Therese's visit. It was too depressing to read many of them. I am always surprised when people start on about the Church opressing women. I am a woman and I have never ever felt opressed by anything the Church has taught.

Natasa said...

I have to admit I am scared to read this article. Have there been no comments by Catholic readers refuting the claims?

The Bones said...


Yes there have been comments condemning the article from Catholics, but, a lot of Guardian reading Catholics are a bit liberal. There were a few good comments by Catholics supportive of the Holy Father. All in all though, a bit grim!

Natasa said...

I'm sure this sounds awfully naive but how is such hatred towards Catholicism allowed in a country that supposedly supports freedom of belief and has all sorts of laws in place for protecting different kinds of minority groups?

I'll be praying for the Holy Father and his forthcoming visit to the UK. God have mercy.

The Bones said...


I know its a crap answer, but that's the only one you'll get from the press.

Basically the Church are the only ones able to actually receive criticism and take it manfully on the chin, even though everyone is largely prejudiced, mistaken and just plain angry that God exists and that He is offering His forgiveness. Scary stuff.

The Muslims, if criticised, go ballistic, promise beheadings and a jihad of hitherto unseen proportion.

The Gays/Lesbians/Transgenders/
Bisexual claim discrimination whatever you say, anything vaguely negative is an 'inflammatory', (i.e they feel inflamed so watch it!) remark and an incite to prejudice or homophobic hatred, as if you've just battered someone outside a nightclub because he was walking funny.

The Anglicans, well nobody even bothers with the Anglicans.

The Masons. Well, nobody is clever enough to have a go at the Masons and so they beaverishly go about creating wicked worldwide plots to usher in the reign of the Antichrist unnoticed and undamaged in reputation.

The Hindus. Nobody cares about the Hindus.

The Buddhists. "Well, that's like, cool. I just love to meditate, man."

Say what you like about paedophiles/murderers/rapists. Everybody hates paedos.

I think that basically sums it up.

Did I forget anyone? Oh yes the Jews! Don't go there! They are off limit!

So basically, yes. The Catholic Church can take it. Nobody else can or gets it.

Crux Fidelis said...

Sadly, there are also those who drag up HH's membership of the Hitler Youth to claim that he was (and still is) a Nazi. Any slur will do.

Natasa said...

Hi Laurence, thanks for your comments. I do however wonder on what grounds the media can justify hate speech and prejudice against a particular group. Is it because Catholics don't make a fuss? Do we make a fuss but lesbians are more loud and make sure everybody knows that they have 'rights'? Or is it simply the case the the country has been anti-Catholic for a few centuries and is not very keen on changing its attitude. I just find it shocking. I've lived in the UK for 7 years now and am still not used to it. Rude words will not kill us but it is the hatred behind them that is scary.

Crux Fidelis said...

I've been talking with a colleague whose father is Polish., He tells me that the Nazi slur against BXVI is never heard in Poland. Considering what the Nazis did there it's strange, isn't it?

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