Friday, 25 September 2009

Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid...

Can anyone tell me what the odds are at the bookies for 'Christmas' either to have been banned and replaced with 'Winter Holiday', or to even more audaciously have been renamed 'Obamas' by this time next year?

This is totally bizarre. These children are too young to be doing this off their own backs. It's coming from the teachers. But who is feeding it to the teachers? And then, who is feeding it to the people feeding it to the teachers? And who is feeding it to them? Who is at the top of the pyramid? This is sick! How can even the 'liberals' in America stand this, especially when unemployment is going through the roof! Crikey! And we thought Tony's suits were 'teflon'! Nothing sticks to Obama. Planned Parenthood, FOCA, ACORN, euthanasia facilities in the healthcare bill, mass unemployment, gargantuan bail outs of Wall Street, a federal reserve debt so huge that if all the World's seas were drained and replaced with dollar bills, the Earth still could not contain it?

Of course, this kind of stuff won't go to Barry's head will it?! Wake up, America! Your president has 'nightmarishly dangerous dictator' written all over him! Give it another 5 years and he'll be holed up in some bunker playing 'Russian roulette' with only Timothy Geithner and 'Eugenics Czar' John Holdren still standing by his side.

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owenswain said...

Holy freaking indoctrination! And people were afraid of the Bushleague and the fanatical right? Where ever these people are today they have clearly lost natural reason.

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